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Bot update it s a subject there i asked a long time ago so I feel responsible to make feedback.



i test it on a sandbox and i notice it can pass through closed-door or ladders. make it a cheapest way to clean places like stables and farms. i guess this is the only use for, if anyone has another idea to it reply. anyway, the is some ideas of me.

1. change name of exosuit forge for THE forge, so sweeps can be made there and deliver to their docks. 

2. their dock could work more like a transit tube energy system so basically it will fill up energy and charge the bot that has it won internal battery(maybe something visible on it head) it will power up when energy is almost over instead sleep at night. oh, and if it cant reach the dook need to be delivered again.

3. instead of walking constantly it will look for thing on floor, because it has eyes. make it idle if are not on the floor that is able to get. besides that, it has a cargo limit. that cargo will make it move slow when is full. 

4.some interactions.

5. i think i ask to much on that but. also, have theirs on a pipe transit tube. just because i think it is like Rosie of jetsons. the function is to clean the base.

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Couple issues with Sweepy.  There's no priority bar for Sweepy itself, so when choosing something to be placed on top of it the priority (I assume) is automatically set to 5.  After building the Sweepy Dock, there was no option to choose what material to build Sweepy itself out of.  The dock simply said "Awaiting refined metal delivery", and the duplicants just brought the dock Copper as a default for building Sweepy.

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On 11.03.2020 at 11:58 PM, rsdworker said:

also sweepy cant get through doors if its closed - there should be option for opening doors for sweepy

You can make automation to open the doors with a weight plate. Or you can just leave the doors open.

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