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Squitter-squid Launcher

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you do not understand how important this is.

I need a squid launcher to shoot those damned squittersquids. my idea is you can craft the squittersquid launcher at an alchemy, and then capture some squittersquids to load the the squid launcher, the squid will be hanging out of the launcher and then you can use it to launch the squid and attack enemies.

please, klei, that word that rhymes with play. I NEED this item in DST.

thanks for listening to my idea and remember to give an epic like.

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Actually this sounds hilarious.. but I have one additional thing I would like to add to it.

Launched Squids Leach onto its targets face blotting their vision with splats of Ink.

They can even add a panic animation where Pigs Run back & forth waving their arms “Can’t see, Can’t see!! Get it Off!” Before pulling it off their face a few seconds later.

Imagine how hilarious this Weapon would be in a PvP enabled server. >.>

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