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Enlightenment idea

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So enlightenment is new, and happens on the moon island.  Your sanity basically translates to enlightenment. But what if you want a way to keep it, even on the main island?

I present the idea of the lunacy charm, and item that, when worn, keeps your enlightenment, or switches sanity to enlightenment. To obtain this item you must kill the deer clops and mix his eye with some nightmare fuel at a shadow manipulator. The item can then be worn in the armor or headgear slot. 

But whatever, just a thought I had for some more content on the enlightenment, since it is in testing.


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mix nightmarefuel to make something against nightmares? that doesn't make sense. And said item would be too OP. Imagine you using that item in the ruins during nightmare phase, you would be able to walk freely with no harm of any shadows.

Maybe we could make a charm/amulet to get sanity/insanity (shadows) on the island instead

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