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Carnivore achievement seed

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I would recommend any Terra world seed for Carnivore.  Locavore isn't that difficult -- you just have to avoid using planter boxes, farm tiles, or hydroponic farms.  

Carnivore is more of a dupe/critter management issue than anything else.  I'd recommend starting with dupes that have research and ranching.  Focus on research up to Ranching, take as many dupes as you can produce oxygen for, and start polishing up those hatches so they pop out more eggs.  Terra has hatches, as well as pacu that are easy to get to, plenty of algae to feed them, and lots of water for oxygen so your dupes can keep breathing.  Sure, you can do this achiev on other worlds, but Terra offers the best chance for success.

The "Bottomless Stomach" trait can help too, since you want dupes to eat more anyway.

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Any map that give you hatch / pacu / lot of wild non meat food. So the map with forest biome can help you with the early food requirement.

I don't know what seed is good for that but most of the time I played tend to end up with about 10 hatches within starter biome.

Set up a ranch, pacu, go get the shove val (each of them give 16000 kcal).

Basically you get 8 dupe set up a stable meat farm before cycle 50 and live with the cooked meat/cooked fish entirely (disable other food type) since you will take another 50 cycle for dupe to eat 400000 kcal for the carnivore, locavore should be finish before that.

If you're somehow can't setup a stable ranch before cycle 50, Throw your energy into incubator to speed things up at that point you may need to have a bit more dupe to eat the calories requirement.

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Got it in about 2 trys with an forest biome and two big rost biomes nearby. Tofu is a killer in wild food supply. This achievement needs really a good planning and a lot of luck without printerabuse. 

i would strongly suggest to go straight for hutchfarms with an beginner ranching only dupe. i set up eight coalgenerators with dour, better 8, smart batteries and 16 incubators. had six hutchfarms at the end and have to kill only the hutches in incubators. This provides enough food to supply 12 dupes. 

With the forest, you should have enough dirt and that means coal and energy for this much incubators. I would share my map, but it has an unlucky watersupply and you need rust deoxidizer and recycle a lot from the dupes to get enough water for science. :D



not the best setup, but it works for circle 96. :)

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