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  1. It is a fresh start, so no pumps, but a hungry research station and super computer to get this things. Solve the problem and dig out a tile underneath, so the water spread out more. and so you see, there should be plenty of water to pump. the problem here is the polluted water on the left and the fresh water on the right. sometimes, the pump (or the dupes) get somehow stuck in this particular moment.
  2. That is an old bug, i faced it several times in Classic Oni. I think it has something to do with the overall count of critters. Every base i build, had around 21-54 wild pacus in a water tank. And at some point, the bug appears. But i never tested it out (Hey! Free food! i would be stupid and moving or not, the lay eggs ), so its a theory.
  3. Ren has suddenly some serious feelings. o.o
  4. How to prevent gasexchance from rooms. That whas my first google search to ONI.
  5. Smart Dupes are smart. Why flying around and carry stuff, when you can just stay flying and wait until stuff drops himself? btw should that framedrop bug with this suites not fixed for a while ago?
  6. My dupes struggle to fill up my Refrigerators. stuff lies around, some are idle in the base but nothing happens. did someone experience the same?
  7. Dirty dishes? What for dirty dishes you ask for? just a rocket and some regolith stuff lying around.
  8. Half a second ago, Lindsay just decided to jump in that hole, to build herself in. i have no words for this stupidness. Ok lindsay don´t play along and try to jump in, so i decide to let her make a long walk back in base, tho think about herself and guess what happen? What is wrong whit this people? "Hey, there is a hole! Let´s jump in it and make things worse!"
  9. Maybe an easy fix, when loaders transport a minimum amount of mass . 100 grams should do the trick.
  10. Well hello there Meep? Got a notification about an upsi. How is that happend? Fall Damage does not exist in this game, just let go buddy. Oh well, some number 9 will rescue you, again. He is so proud of himself, see? nothing happend here.
  11. Ok, i play in German, also we see a Refrigerator with pinchapepper nuts in it and some Iron ore. Still waiting for the dupe to eating it. my bet on Bubbles. (srsly? why does this happen?)
  12. Trying to get cornivore achievement and get a great start with Marie.
  13. Bot have Power, polluted water incoming and a free pipe for fresh water outcoming. The only Thing that helps is, to destroy the left and rebuild it. The Breathless Lab.sav