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Conditional bosses

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Bosses (or even enemies) that require conditions to be met during the battle in order to progress the fight. For example, the only weakspot being the tail, but you have to mine it every so often to break its rocky shell that it regenerates; or perhaps a boss that segments itself into tiny pieces after taking a certain amount of damage and re-combines itself after a little bit, forcing you to only be able to kill it when all of its pieces are destroyed one by one. 

I love the poison birchnut trees because you can only kill them by chopping them down instead of hitting them. I personally would love to see a boss you would have to use less ordinary methods to beat, like a boss you have to use the fishing rod on to remove objects attached to its head or something similar with different tools like the axe, bug net, or razor. 

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Yes this is what I want when it comes to boss fights, people call them “Gimmicks” by the way... but Gimmicks can be fun and entertaining and can break up a boring repetitive formula.

I once played a game on PlayStation 2 called Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (Don’t worry if you don’t know what that is cause I’m about to explain it..)

In Soul Reaver Most the Boss fights boiled down to hack and slash button mashing.. just Attack Attack Attack Dodge.. etc rinse Repeat.

However there was ONE fight in that game that changed this formula Significantly.. the Boss became Immune to taking damage from the players original Methods and the ONLY Way to beat it was by luring it into a certain area in the level and then dropping a massive spiked bottom cage door on its body killing it.

Another More Recent Example would be Batman Arkham City’s epic Boss fight with MR Freeze where after using one type of takedown on him Mr Freeze is immune to taking damage from that same Pattern again.

TL:DR Gimmicks aren’t always a bad thing when it comes to epic boss fights.

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I'd like to see this as well. It seems the consensus on current boss fights is that Klaus, FuelWeaver and Toadstool are the most popular fights, and it seems this is so due to the mechanics of the fight.

The only possible pitfall I could see is a fight requiring precise timing/movements due to lag issues. We just completed MiseryToad, and while it went fairly smooth overall there were a couple times in the fight where we got a pretty serious lag spike. We were using Flings, and the spikes hit while it was raining and while earthquakes were in progress. It was enough to freeze the game up for a second.

But yeah, i'd like to see more boss fights with unique mechanics. I wouldn't be opposed to fights utilizing some lesser used items as @Mike23Ua has suggested, I just wouldn't want to see items be absolutely required for a fight. I enjoy having multiple methods to consider for the current boss fights and I think thats a trend Klei should stick to.

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