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How to increase mass of natural tiles on world gen?

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I'm messing around world gen and created a 128x128 map. As half of the map is a frozen core I soon realized playing through it that scarcity of building materials is a problem.

Anyone more experienced on the matter know how to increase the mass of natural tiles on world generation?

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I have no idea how to do this, but as a bandaid until you do figure it out, I'd recommend Trevice's Super Miner mod.  All it does is make tiles yield the full amount of resources they have when you dig them up.  Some people think this is game breaking - and it might be a bit.  I just find it kinda dumb because if you got a cubic meter of copper ore, then it's going to be the same mass and volume until you actually do something to it like smelting.


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You could use lua, which is the easy way because you only need maybe 10 lines or so and lua has already functions that are designed to manipulate the map (temperature, mass, element) :



I have some examples you could adapt in the attached zip file right now at the bottom of the thread:


You could also decompile rainbowcommons in the lua scripting engine and look in gridoperations how exactly it is done.

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