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  1. Error Occurred Please Restart Game

    It's possible that you have a mod that will break your save game if it isn't present. And with the recent update to .NET 4.0, modders everywhere are having to scramble in order to recompile their mods against 4.0. And then, of course, there's a few out there who no longer maintain their mods. A shame, that. Just be patient and try starting a new game. I have the most fun with the early-game stages anyhow, and I often find myself starting new colonies just for that experience.
  2. [MOD REQUEST] Glass Drywall

    I would think it could be. AFAICT, it's a matter of borrowing the bit of code that makes drywall a background building and inserting it into the code for the POI windows. Someone else who is more familiar with the code will have to chime in here.
  3. This is a FANTASTIC idea! The best part is that the game has a built-in mechanic that we can take advantage of - the diseases mechanic. Thing is, the game already uses the mechanic in a similar manner with the "sweet scents" germ. Most dupes are actually benefited by it, while a few are adversely effected. We can make Alcohol into a new germ. One that doesn't continuously spawn or spread, but is present in the alcoholic beverages. Dupes that are Biohazardous will come down with alcohol poisoning one or two drinks (vomiting). Dupes that are Disease Resistant can have a few more than the ordinary dupe. And dupes with Iron Gut can drink til the cows come home without any ill effect. The buff will be simple: a huge boost to moral. The debuff is simple, too: a BIG hit to athletics, the condition "Drunk", and if they have enough drinks, "Alcohol Poisoning" which causes vomiting. As for the drinks themselves, we can have it so that we have different recipes, just like with food. In fact, we can have it so that it alcohol has two stages of prep, just like gourmet foods. The first stage will be the Still, which will use water and ethanol. Use Mushrooms to get beer. Use Sleet Wheat to get whiskey. Use Mealwood to get Vodka. Use Nosh Beans to get Sake. And then, the "gourmet level" prep can happen at The Bar, where the initial beverages can be mixed with Pincha Peppernuts, Bristle Berries, and Hexalent Fruit to make cocktails. (I think this mod should also include a change to the Hexalent plant that makes it replantable - just treat it the same way as nosh beans and sleet wheat where the food product is also the seed stock.) Finally, different drinks should have different amounts of buff/debuff. That is, the stronger we decide to make a drink, the stronger the moral boost and athletics debuff, and the more "alcohol germs" it will have. Whatcha think?
  4. [MODS] Cairath's Mod Corner

    Howdy! Just would like to say thank you very much for the work you've been doing. Flow Splitters and Conveyor Filters are definitely some of my favorites. Question about Wounded Go To Med Bed - I've had issues where my dupes will keep at something until they incapacitate themselves. Is this just something where I need to be more careful about where priority is concerned? I usually keep my triage cots set to priority level 9, but I've noticed that the dupes will prioritize certain types of jobs over others. Also, do you think there'd be much desire out there for a mod that adds gas/liquid check valves? I like my builds to be small and elegant and having to use the gas/liquid bridges as check valves rubs me wrong. (Probably a quick and easy mod to make, even for me. I figured I'd just copy the code for the bridges, make the building 1x2 squares instead of 1x3, and just recolor the gas/liquid flow valves for the sprite.)
  5. [Mod Request] Balanced Pacu

    I'll do some research and see if I can grok how to implement this. Thanks for the assist, @Candide. This really is how I learn best - start with a usable example relevant to what I want, figure out how it ticks and tocks, and go from there. EDIT: Regarding how Wild and Tame are separated... Now that I'm thinking about it, from what I've seen about how the system is set up, I believe that Wild is the original stats, and Tame is a modifier with set integers applied once the conditions of Tame have been met. (Same with Happy and Glum.) For example, all eggs have their own set amount of time they need to hatch, but once they're lulabied by a dupe, all eggs will hatch 5x faster for the duration of one cycle. I suspect that with Pacu, the devs wanted something that worked radically different, but kinda painted themselves into a corner by making the modifiers for Tame global. This is just supposition on my part. I'll have to dig into it a little bit more and compare some figures to be sure.
  6. It's not exactly what you asked for, but this might do the trick until someone can help you. The author has told me that autosweepers are able to move bottled liquids with this mod, so it should work.
  7. [Mod Request] Balanced Pacu

    The trouble with the resources that are out there is that they come in one of two varieties. Variety One: Specific - made with the understanding that you already know the basics of C#, and only provides the extra bit you need to know to mod in Harmony. Variety Two: Broad - assumes you have no knowledge of C# and basically teaches you to code from the ground-up. There's practically nothing in between. With one I'll be totally lost. With the other, I'll have to sit through about 15 hours of YouTube videos, and I got rent to make. Not that I'm trying to make excuses for myself - these are just the hard, cold facts of the matter. I have no idea how people find time for this. The only other option for me is to sit through just one or two videos a day and take a assload of notes along the way. (Trust me, with the way I'm wired I'll have to write a damn text book for myself in my own shorthand.) That will take a few weeks. Just to learn the basics. And then, like you said, I'll have to do a lot of work just figuring out the balance and probably learning more nuanced code along the way. It sucks being ADD, because the effort-reward part of your brain is all screwed up, and even knowing about it doesn't really help much.
  8. kelmen, hate to break it to you, but someone else has already beat you to the punch. Unless this actually is you?
  9. Automated Fish feeder

    I've been having this issue myself. Even if you set up the auto sweepers to only load the fish feeder at a specified time, your duplicants will still come along and reload the blasted thing whether you want them to or not. Having an automation input on the fish feeder to prevent unwanted feeding would be utterly fantastic.
  10. Issues: Wild Pacu - you can stick them in a single cell of water, never feed them, never care for them, and they'll still spit out eggs for you like some freakish biological perpetual motion machine. It's a cheat, pure and simple. Tame Pacu - virtually the exact opposite: requires insane amounts of food that is hard to produce. Just one requires more algae than a single algea distiller can produce with 100% uptime, and two ranches of tame Pufts to produce the needed slime. And this isn't getting into the amount P-H2O you need to have laying around to get the needed P-O2 for those Pufts. Thoughts for fixes: Wild Pacu: no longer act like egg factories. Set reproduction so only one egg is laid, and only near the end of it's life cycle. Tame Pacu: reduce food requirement from 140kg per cycle to 40kg per cycle (this makes it so one algae distiller at 100% uptime can sustain 3 Pacu) and set egg laying interval to 4 cycles and incubation time (with lullabying) to 2 cycles. That, I think, will make it so the Pacu is still a powerful food producer, but nowhere nearly as broken as it currently is in the game. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm open to them. As for making the mod... I'm no programmer. All I know is that ONI runs on the Harmony engine, and that runs on C#. That's about all I know. This mod will only happen one of two ways: either someone just goes ahead and makes it... ...Or someone walks me through the process. I wouldn't mind doing the later - I have dabbled with HTML in the past, so I have the basic ideas behind software coding in mind. But I simply do not know the language of C# or how it works, so it'd still take a bit of time for someone to talk me through it. So it would probably be a lot faster if someone that knows C# and Harmony did it instead. Any takers or suggestions?
  11. Autosweeper loads a disabled conveyor loader

    Apparently this is still an issue, even after Recreation Pack. I've gotten around it (somewhat) by using Fumihiko's Customize Buildings mod, and setting receptacles and loaders to a maximum capacity of 20kg. Folks, let's be real here. 1000kg is fine in some situations, but absurdly overkill in most others. This is ESPECIALLY TRUE when dealing with food stuffs. You do NOT want 1000kg of pincha peppernuts camped out in your receptacle when you really need those blasted raw eggs to come through before they spoil. If we REALLY need more than 20kg of storage in the receptacles and and loaders themselves, then we can just plop a storage container next to it. In fact, it would be VERY NICE if you just made it so we can adjust how much storage capacity individual Conveyor Loaders have - just like existing storage containers, with that slider bar at the top of their settings window. (In other words, this is already a feature in your game's engine. You just need to apply it to Conveyor Loaders as well.) Unless I'm mistaken, this will also determine how large the loads on the conveyor rails are, which would be great because even 20kg of food is a hell of a lot of food, and even a colony with 50 dupes will take more than a few cycles to work through that amount.