Feedback: I don't like Rook's negotiation style

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I've played Rook a few times, and I really don't like the coin mechanic of his Negotiations. Conversely, I think his combat is great.

Just wanted to provide some feedback that Rook's Negotiation is confusing and not very satisfying to play. Maybe I'm alone.

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I'll throw in my 2 cents:

Rook's negotiation deck looks terrible for a new player. You get tons of "do nothing/do little" + "do something when specific coin face" cards when you first set out, especially the Snail route where several combo mechanics don't exactly support each other (like discard). You don't get to have a consistent discard/draw going on until you get the extra coin/grafts (and there's 0 foreshadowing), which then totally swings the balance to the other side because there's tons of sources for them.

As a result Rook's negotiation feels like supported by outside elements instead of a good deck. The deck itself is always a bit chaotic and negotiations could feel a bit overwhelming due to random damage effects and unskippable coin tosses etc.

Also some of the conditions and effects look similar to each other but works differently (current coinface/toss and check etc.), making them harder to memorize. Many staple cards have conditions that after a while you could forget about/overlook and that's not a very good feeling when it happens. 

I'm fine with these things after playing a few times but I could definitely see people not warming up to it or straight-out dislike it.

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