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A question about the cussing rule


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So in the rules of this site, there is this paragraph:


Obscenity: Foul language is not permitted in the Klei Entertainment Community or related services. Excessive use of foul language is not permitted and will be treated as a disruption to other players. This includes public and private discussion as well as user names or any other communication within community services controlled by Klei Entertainment. This also includes in-game player names, chats, and forums.

However, it seems almost commonplace that people (myself included) can simply slap a "language warning" and spoiler some text and it's fine. This is most common with the word f__k, and isn't really used for any other words; most people don't really bother with the "lesser" cuss words.

This got me thinking, what *is* the official stance on cussing on the site? The paragraph in the rules states that both "Foul language" AND "excessive use of foul language" is not permitted. Are some words (sh_t, damn, etc) fine, while others (f__k) are forbidden?

I'm a particularly vulgar person myself, but Im not asking for klei to let open the flood gates - as there are children here - I'm just curious on where the line is, if there is a line at all and isn't just a solid "no".

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  • Developer

This is how I, as a moderator, usually view foul language.

As long as it isn't being used to target another user or to troll, I leave it be, unless the post is reported due to people having problems with it.

If it's being used excessively though, I will try to censor it, replacing the swears with potato cups (original idea by LadyD).

This forum is for people of all ages, so it is good to mind your language, considering there can be children around. Just be mindful and respectful.

Of course, other mods view this differently. This is solely my subjective stance on the subject.

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