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Recommended server specs for dedicated server?

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CPU having the higher single threaded processing speed is a lot more beneficial than multiple cores.  But really with the open nature of DST no amount of power will stop the stutters when someone decides to start a giant spider war or create thousands of stone fruit drops from a gunpowder.

DST is a 32 bit process, so 4GB dedicated to it and that's as much as you'll be able to push for it.

HDD I/O if using a platter I'd definitely use a 7.2k rpm- 5.2k is okay but for when things need to be loaded it's better for quicker speeds.  Ideal scenario is an SSD, of course, but it's not a real hard requirement; most of the assets get loaded at initialization and then the HDD usage goes way down.

From my testings back in ~2016 each user could take a range from 2 to 32 KB/s depending on what activity was going on around the user.  This may have increased over the years, but I don't think Klei changed from RakNet as the backbone for the network handling and they still are using delta encoding compression to help reduce bandwidth requirements.  This one is the hardest to predict and account for, but the easiest method to determining how many players can join is by testing out with a high player count and having it fill and see if any hiccups occur.

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