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Don't Starve Together Patch 1.72 - 1/29/2020 (PlayStation 4)

  • Prize holding Carrats that go into the backpack won’t eat the prize anymore.
  • Carrats placed on a gym at night will sleep, resume training in the morning.
  • Cave’s race prize resets properly now.
  • Fixed the checkpoint minimap icon.
  • Fixed a crash on Carrat Scale.
  • Fixed a crash involving Beefalo Carrat spawning.
  • Fixed the burnt state of the Carrat Shrine.
  • Fixed Battle Spear inventory textures.
  • The character won’t talk over themselves now if they try to start a race with no Carrats.
  • Abigail no longer kills racing Carrats.
  • Fixed the character repeating the start race dialogue.
  • Fixed the Carrat Scale loot.
  • Fixed various skins icons.
  • Fixed some missing Year of the Carrat Collection tags.
  • Fixed burnt animation symbols for Terracotta Cooking Pot and Home Sweet Home.
  • Adjusted hat fitting for Wurt, The Triumphant.
  • Fixed loss of skin information when digging up a Mini Sign.
  • Fixed various string typos.

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So the gyms definitely don't work in the caves at all. The carrat just sleeps no matter the time of day. Any way they can at least be awake while in the natural light? I kind of assumed they'd behave more like pigs do in the caves. It'd be ideal if the gyms worked while ANY kind of light was on it. 

EDIT: Just logged back into the world and every carrat was actively using the gym equipment. Looks like I gotta play around with this a bit first. 

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