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Coolmop09    68

This will be my main trading thread, things that I am willing to trade and things that I want are below.


  • Poop Pouch
  • Swimming Costume
  • Mary Janes
  • Holly Wreath
  • Yellow Silk Robe


  • All Webber Curios (Already own triumphant torso)
  • Back Bat
  • Spider Sack
  • Macabare Birdcage
  • Fanged Firepit
  • Weatherbeaten Torch

My trading rates depend on the price of that item in steam market but not the exact price just approximately for example


Poop Pouch


The Triumphant


Trade link:

Thats all for now but I will update this thread when I have something else to trade

(BTW if I have an item for too long I might sell it on steam market)


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myxal    328
2 minutes ago, Coolmop09 said:

Wilson's Mad Scientist Outfit

That's not tradable.

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