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      I know xD I also noticed that the posts you post in the off topic forum don't count.

  2. Here's some art that I technically made last month and forgot about also I'm not going to edit this picture on my computer because I think it looks fine the way it is This is a part one of something and it'll have more than one ending, one ending is for new years and the other that I'm working on is the original P.S. Dabbing Wilson is almost done
  3. In the game you have to go in the structures tab (the hammer) and build a carrat shrine, then you can put a seed or carrot in it and it'll unlock the offerings tab below all the other tabs after you've done that you'll be able to make race tracks and win lucky gold for rewards in the carrat shrine.
  4. Yes it was confirmed in the winters feast announcment: We have been working on finishing the Year of the Carrat event that will be coming toward the end of January, so that's where we are going to be focusing our time. We will likely be announcing info about the next character update and next update for Return of Them.
  5. Sorry for not posting for a while i've been sick lately but i'm better now here is that W.I.P. I finished wilson but do you guys prefer poofy hair or normal hair (white lines do not count just the shape) A. B. p.s. I ordered funko pop webber and it should be coming tommorow
  6. Wait there is a toast emote now it is in a spoiler(didn’t realize this was already answered)
  7. BTW here are the unedited versions(along with a WIP):
  8. When you start fighting pigs and they hit you and you run away it still damages you as long as you were next to the pig right before it attacked
  9. Welcome to my art thread, I will post here every once in a while but probably not every day since I don't really have much time, but here are the drawings I already have(BTW I draw on paper and then edit it on my computer). Also I might take some requests.