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  1. oh ok thank you for the info I can finally get those loyal skins now
  2. So can you use the same ps4 and same copy of the game for the metheus puzzle? (a.k.a. splitscreen) and can you do an offline game?
  3. Coolmop09's trading thread

    Whoops my bad I'll remove that.
  4. This will be my main trading thread, things that I am willing to trade and things that I want are below. [H] Poop Pouch Swimming Costume Mary Janes Holly Wreath Yellow Silk Robe [W] All Webber Curios (Already own triumphant torso) Back Bat Spider Sack Macabare Birdcage Fanged Firepit Weatherbeaten Torch My trading rates depend on the price of that item in steam market but not the exact price just approximately for example [H] Poop Pouch [W] The Triumphant Trade link: Thats all for now but I will update this thread when I have something else to trade (BTW if I have an item for too long I might sell it on steam market)
  5. I see the link do you have view signatures on?
  6. Yes it was confirmed in the winters feast announcment: We have been working on finishing the Year of the Carrat event that will be coming toward the end of January, so that's where we are going to be focusing our time. We will likely be announcing info about the next character update and next update for Return of Them.
  7. Im so close now....

    hornete was talking about the carrying souls part not eating souls
  8. Tesla coil lantern

    oh ok that makes a lot of sense now
  9. Tesla coil lantern

    wait how did you get it if sony dosent allow you to redeem codes?
  10. Im so close now....

    probably like chicken
  11. Coolmop09's Fan Art

    Sorry for not posting for a while i've been sick lately but i'm better now here is that W.I.P. I finished wilson but do you guys prefer poofy hair or normal hair (white lines do not count just the shape) A. B. p.s. I ordered funko pop webber and it should be coming tommorow
  12. Has Anybody Gotten Good Skins?

    sorry I misphrased that I meant what would you unravel