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Who is Glurtsen??

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After adding new character called Wurt, Merms were changed. I was looking at wiki, about news and I found there name: "GLURTSEN

Can you explain who is Glurtsen he please??

I only know, the merm's quotes, where they celebrate him, like some kind of "dictator", or someone simmilar...


It all is here: https://dontstarve.fandom.com/wiki/Merm/Normal


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Glurtsen is Warlys Mamanan after he brings her into the constant to hopefully help reverse her memory loss, except in an even more tragic turn of events Instead of curing her it only rapidly increased the speed process of her health issue- To the point that she was horrifyingly transformed into a Mermanan (no I’m not apologizing for that..) 

Warly and the other survivors were not around to witness this Transformation take place, the GOOD News is that Mermanan regained her memory and knows who Warly is, the BAD news is that none of them not even Wurt understand Glurtsens Garbled Language.

So Mamanan is begging and pleading with Warly “Sweetie it’s Me your Mamanan, Don’t you recognize me?” 

Meanwhile Warly and Wigfrid only see a terrifying beast that they take turns wacking over the head with Wigfrid’s special crafted battle spears.

”Die You ugly Alien Scum!”

and that... is the story of Who Glurtsen is, Enjoy :) 


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