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[ModRequest] Invaders are coming...

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You though you're alone in the space? Well no. Invaders are coming from space !




Features :

- At each meteor rain, you have a risk to encounter a space capsule crash. This capsule embeds an agressive alien.

- The alien will try to enter in the asteroid but he can't dig and have small amount natural gas reserve to survive. So if he don't find a ladder or a free way, he will die on the surface.

- The alien breathe natural gas and eat meat.

- The alien attack every creature and Duplicant on his view.

- The alien will destroy any infrastructure.

- He will leave for 100 cycles if he have enough natural gas and meat.

Feasibility :

- Use the code of the meteor and change the drop to the poi satellite.

- Use the Portal System to conjure the alien.

- Use the "Destructive trait"

- Use the "Pokeshell" agressive stance to attack the creature/Duplicant


I think it's doable and it will be really interesting. :)


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Goodness, that's a great idea. Although the way the surface is structured the invader would way to easily get stuck. Should probably be able to climb walls or get a jet pack. Also it being a dupe would be troublesome. It would show up in the dupe overview. It probably would make more sense just making it a critter. The ability to destroy buildings should still be feasible, even for critters. However putting in custom animations is certainly a big task. Not sure that it is worth the trouble.

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