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  1. KMod.Mod.GetMostSuitableArchiv() at line 251: Mod.ArchivedVersion bestVerision = sortedVersionsToCheck.First<Mod.ArchivedVersion>(); result = ((bestVerision != null) ? bestVerision.relativePath : ""); First() does never return null, it will cause an Exception. You have to use FirstOrDefault here!
  2. If you compare the arrow direction you will notice it shows towards the box. It's a symbol for secondary input. It's just missing in the legend. It's not an output symbol, people just easily mix them up because of the color. Honestly the whole input/output thing needs a rework. It's really awkward to work with from a modding perspective. It should be possible to have more than 2 inputs/outputs and these should be easily labeled (which in turn fixes this symbol issue).
  3. I had this affect my mods as well. Now I finally know why that happend. It might be possible to work around that issue by directly injecting the affected functions into BuildingConfigManager, but that is really messy and probably not compatibility friendly.
  4. Did you use yellow alert at any point of construction? There is a similar case of dupes getting stuff mixed up.
  5. That's the pipe that is filling and emptying. The content of the sink is visible if you click it and scroll down. Last entry, I think. Just put more water in the system or rather don't split it up unless it's full.
  6. The icon is not identical. The arrow is pointing inwards, not outwards. Trivia: It has this color because all secondary connections are orange. The primary input here is the oxygen pipe. This also means all buildings are limited to 2 inputs and 2 outputs, while most actually only use a max of one input and one output. The exception obviously is the pipe filters, which is why the caption is "Filtered Output Pipe". The actual bug report should be that this new icon does not show up in the caption. Also the color makes it easy to mix up.
  7. Planter boxes do not get the AddDepositTag(GameTags.WaterSeed). So it was intentionally split into 2 catergories (the other being GameTags.CropSeed). Arguably farm tiles should work like planter boxes, but instead get the same tags as hydro tiles. Btw, the GameTags.WaterSeed include Thimble Reed and Waterweed.
  8. Yeah, had this happen to me relatively often. The dupes will work normally, the text just doesn't update.
  9. Well, I as a electronics engineer see no problem whatsoever with this. You wouldn't want to have cross-flow in real life either and put diodes in there.
  10. The polymer press normally has only one gas output. You clearly are using a mod (probably Piped Outputs). If you encounter bugs with mods enabled, don't report them. Btw, on the first picture there is a second gas output. It's almost completely black. I assume that's for CO2. Try connecting it with a vent.
  11. The instructions can be found here: And for the output log on Windows, this guide is correct.
  12. Are you by any chance using debug mode? Empty pipe commands reappear after load when issued during debug mode enabled.
  13. Already worked on: [Game Update] - 369994 Optimization Autosave will wait until the mouse button is released before triggering, so no more crazy pipe constructions.
  14. I bet, you mixed up the input and output port of the water sieve. Happens to me all the time.
  15. The pressure of any given type of liquid is highest at the bottom tile of it's stack. The liquid directly below it has to have at least this high pressure to push it away. So it's easy to see why large stacks of 2 or more liquids would have a good deal of pressure at the bottom tile. And at high pressure it will break single tiles. Honestly, I fail to see where the bug is.