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cant control dupes anymore

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I tried to play with dupes in constant atmosuits (as in, they need to get to atmo suit to get anywhere out of the base).

Everytime I do this at some point it seems the game breaks. they run around doing random chores usually meaningless, or being ideal while there is work to do.

For example: I wanted gold oxygen diffuser to be built. I place it. I have several tons of gold so its not resource problem.

when you go over job errands, there are no jobs pending (check picture 1). Turner was researcher/operator he has nothing to do with building (thats what I mean about game *breaking*).


This is the only building job in the base. as you can see in pictures some dupes are ideal. others run around doing stuff i marked as low priority and usually that dont relate to their jobs.

I tried to cancel everyones option to build/supply beside one of the builder dupes. still nothing. Tried to let it time. waited more the a cycle in yellow alert. then tried to do red.

As before the builder-dupe still just walks around. ideal most of the time. i tried to also cancel its other priorities and still nothing. he will prefer to be ideal then to do it. if I send him to the build place/near gold amiguld he will go there then run to do something else.


Its not the first time I try to do a base with atmo suits. I think last times I had similar issues. Game seems to break at some point. And suit stations make lots of problems. suits somehow get lost even with vacinity: always. . problems all around...

This idea sounds good on paper, and I had someone here say he does this (atmosuits base) thing and it works good, but every time I do it, its just the most frustrating thing ever and nothing seems to work right.


I just wanted to have a slow paced game in terra... and I cant even get to space this time.


I have a sandy bridge CPU. GPU from the same era. 8 RAM.

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Seems that cooking and possibly researching priorities also govern some deliveries. I had supply-disabled dupes deliver food to grill.

Vacancy: Always is working as intended: it causes the dupes to path through the checkpoint even if it has all docks occupied. If you want to have multiple checkpoints, either set them all to the other option or make sure that it's impossible to reach one checkpoint from another while wearing a suit.

Suits may disappear if your dupes are working near magma or similar level of heat. Suit heated to 350C or so will turn into a block of sand, with no warning. The dupe may not even get scalded until the suit "melts" since suit protects from scalding up to like 800C.

If you want a successful atmo suit base, the easiest way is to have exactly one checkpoint, with more docks and suits than dupes.

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My base has 4 symmetrical atmo suit entrances and I've never had a problem.

Usually, when having issues, "always permitted" is the source of problems. I can't see myself using it as it creates problematic and unforseen situations.

Just make sure every dock has a suit, gather all of your dupes inside your core, set all checkpoints to vacancy only and problems should be solved, as long as there are no other paths to exit the core. As Coolhulhu said, having more docks and suits than dupes helps a lot with pathing, but is not theoretically essential.

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