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Don't Starve Together Patch 1.69 - 12/14/2019 (PlayStation 4)

  • Fixed crashes during gameplay and when generating new worlds.
  • Fixed a crash when casting the Sea Fishing Rod and it lands on a boat or on land and near Ocean Debris.
  • Fixed a crash while feasting at the Winter's Feast Table.
  • Fixed a crash when connecting multiple sets of Winter's Feast Tables together.
  • Fixed a bug where Mushlights and Glowcaps would not return all items when destroyed.
  • Fixed crash when rapidly resetting “A feastin' pair of birds” minigame.
  • Fixed crash on loading in while Masonry Oven is cooking.
  • Fixed tables disappearing if loaded in after food has been fully consumed from them.
  • Fixed nighttime lighting on Masonry Oven.
  • Fixed various Willow texture issues.
  • Fixed Yuletide Frock texture.
  • Increased resolution of Masonry Oven.
  • Included leggings in Winter Warden Boots icon.

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Very nice! That’s a lot of bug fixes. I think the fishing still needs a bit of polishing (sometimes  reeling is a bit weird as well as aiming with the fishing rod)and then hook line and inker is perfect. Maybe make it so we can choose where to throw our fishing rod with the left stick after pressing circle.

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