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[Game Update] - 384668 - Holiday Update

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David_B    73

Modkit Update - 384169

(See our modkit setup instructions to start building maps in Unity.)

  • Add a "Check for Errors" button to look for common modkit errors -- bad components/meshes/etc that will break your map in Steam builds
  • Add a "Check For Bounty Errors" menu item to look for untranslatable text, baked lighting, and bounty map blocking issues
  • Add 'Make Pursuit' button to GameModeContainer for creating pursuit courses like Chase the Grade
  • ‘Make Pursuit’ instructions added to readme (modkit_everything_explained.pdf)
  • Add BezierPathAnimator for moving objects along a spline
  • Add pursuit and BezierPathAnimator examples to modkit_demo
  • Add descriptions to each course in modkit_demo to explain what it's demonstrating
  • Add editing and troubleshooting info to BezierSplines (for LevelIntro, Pursuit, BezierPathAnimator)
  • Fix “Add Curve” on BezierSpline ignored current curve direction and always pointed in the same world direction (click Add Curve, adjusting curve, and repeat is now a good workflow)
  • Fix some songs don’t work in modkit maps and remove broken ones
  • Use Molten as default music track in new maps instead of none
  • Improve near shadow quality using ShadowDrawDistanceOverride and auto-adjust to quality level
  • Fix long mod descriptions are truncated when doing Modify Mod
  • Fix Handhold and CollectibleForLevel is a confusing giant list of attributes.
  • Fix incorrect FindInvalidMeshesInScene errors on course portals
  • Fix JumpToBug not opening the scene panel
  • Fix visibility changes fail to save after pressing Validate Show/Hide button
  • Fix gamemode id mismatch if you rename the scene without inspecting a gamemode
  • Completely destroy any "Main Camera" object found in modmaps
  • Add log messages to explain when GameModeIdSuffix is invalid
  • Don't allow GameModeIdSuffix when using ModeOverride without modifier or config
  • Clarify some tooltips
  • Prompt users using baked lighting to do a bake before export
  • Automatically turn off Baked Global Illumination and Realtime Global Illumination when adding a HotLavaGameContainer for better defaults
  • Fix lighting setup in modkit_demo to use realtime lights
  • Setup template_land to use mixed lights to be an example of lighting an outdoor scene
  • Rebake lighting on indoor_example to be a better example of a realistic indoor scene
  • Move indoor_example scene to School art pack to shrink Generic by 40%
  • Rope swing instructions added to readme (modkit_everything_explained.pdf)
  • Better instructions for Grabbables added to readme (modkit_everything_explained.pdf)
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