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[Game Update] - 384668

Release Date: 12/09/19

Update Information:


Snow is falling on the Playground and the giving season has delivered a new holiday challenge!

Detailed Patch Notes

  • A new holiday Trial and Collectible Gifts can be found in Playground
  • Players will receive a holiday hat for completing any course during the holidays
  • Add a new holiday comic: A Visit from Hazard -- replaces A Sue Nami Christmas
  • Add continue support to All Courses Marathon
  • Improved “step up” logic, the player should now smoothly walk up small steps
  • Increased leniency allowed before committing to a side while boosting
  • Collision cleanup in Gym Class courses
  • Fixed issue with player collider that would cause shoulders to get caught on certain objects
  • Add green outline to Buddy when he starts getting lonely near lava
  • Improved visualization of on screen input
  • Added a chat command for playing back external replays
  • /replay name_of_replay_file
  • Added bounty maps to the main level select menu
  • Snowballs added to Playground
  • Updated grouping system to be easier to use in game
  • Friends list in the main menu now controls group system
  • In game player menu now controls group system
  • Reworked some UI elements to make group feature more evident
  • Fix issue causing Buddy to think he was in lava when standing on sidewalks in Playground
  • Fix screen flashes white while dying when ScreenFlashes are disabled
  • Fix hitting Enter on Character Select takes you to main menu screen but shows UI elements from character customize screen
  • Fix objects not making sound when falling into acid pools
  • Fix slight delay before acid, lava and some collision sounds
  • Fix to acid, lava and ball-pit death sounds so they don’t spam as much
  • Fix icon for pursuit target failed to fade out when on-screen
  • Fix memory leak when entering settings menu repeatedly
  • Fix occasional missing idle animation toys
  • Fix square shadows on lava bubbles
  • Fix Arabic multiline text displayed bottom to top instead of top to bottom
  • Fix inconsistent G.A.T. team member names in Russian
  • Fix no languages when re-entering language screen
  • Fix trampoline infinite bounce bug when players die next to them
  • Fix bug where the game would be in a bad state after changing quality settings during a tiny toy trial
  • Fix the wrong Buddy appearing in Basement

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