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Rudolf´s Nightmare (free heat and cooling)

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Clausius would hate this game :D

What this is about:

I recognized that it's impossible to totally equalize the temperatures between a piped liquid and a tile. My guess is, that this is due to rounding errors in temperature calculation. If true, this effect should get stronger, if there is a huge difference in heat capacity (mass).

So I fired up sandbox mode to build a simple testing device:


The Idea is to significantly heat up petroleum without using an active heat source. For cooling, the same principle (using super coolant) should be applied. Each tile (steam and hydrogen) holds 50t of gas. I adjusted the temperatures the best I could and waited for them to stabilize.


After about 30 cycles the temperatures are almost stable.

  • Turbine chamber: 142.7°C
  • High pressure steam: 150.3/158.3/167.3°C
  • Hydrogen: -14°C

After 70 cycles not much has changed.

  • Turbine chamber: 142.3°C
  • High pressure steam: 150.2/157.7/166.9°C
  • Hydrogen: -14°C

Generating 380W of power with no input. Perpetuum mobile perfect.

Now this is not really an efficient build, as it takes a lot of resources (water & hydrogen) and the gain is relatively minor.

But what if we would use a multiplicator? ... like regolith ... :o

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