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[TUTORIAL] Creating music mods using TheScraps and Klei's Music Mod Templates

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This is a guide for creating a simple music mod using TheScraps' tutorial mod for looping working music and Klei's Official Music Mod tutorial
(This mod is for anyone who is either confused or want to know how to make music mods.)

What you will need:

  • A text editor. (Possibly Notepad ++, but sometimes it could be down. So, look for an alternative you can't use or access the website.)
  • Don't Starve Mod Tools (Download through Steam. Directions below.)
  • TheScraps' tutorial mod (Might need WinRAR if you aren't able to open .rar files)
  • Klei's Official Music Mod tutorial (Workshop mod or through the forums.)
  • Audio that you would want to use (More info below.)

Location for Mod Tools

Click Library, then click Tools

Then find Don't Starve Mod Tools and download the files.

Making your FMOD Project:
When you open the tools, you are prompted with this message:

Select the Launch FMOD Designer option from the list.

When it launches it will be a blank project. 

The next part is simple. All you need to do is download the two mod tutorials. Once that is done, you will want to open the project data for Klei's mod.

The file location should be in your steamapps/common/dont_starve/mods/workshop-180938116/sound_source

For people who do not own Don't Starve:
For people who do not own Don't Starve, they will have to go to their Music Mod Tutorial page.
It's similar to TheScraps' mod tutorial. Just open the zip and extract.

Next, you should open the .fdp and you'll be greeted with this screen:

Once you are there, you should begin by deleting the gramaphone_... events (Except the gramaphone_ragtime)

Once you have deleted the gramaphone_... events, add an event called jukebox.



Then, delete music_dusk_stinger crazy and music_test_parm.
(Look at the image from above about the gramaphone events.)

Now for the next part. You have to copy and paste these events as follows:

  • music_danger
  • music_epicfight
  • music_work

These musics have Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer alternatives. (Autumn uses the music_work, music_epicfight, and music_danger events.)

The procedure goes as follows:
First, you must copy and paste the events three times for the music_danger and music_epicfight. For the music_work, you must copy the event eleven times




Then you must rename the event to the following for each copy:

  • music_danger_winter
  • music_danger_spring
  • music_danger_summer

For music_epicfight:

  • music_epicfight_winter
  • music_epicfight_spring
  • music_epicfight_summer

For music_work:

  • music_work_dusk
  • music_work_night
  • music_work_winter
  • music_work_winter_dusk
  • music_work_winter_night
  • music_work_spring
  • music_work_spring_dusk
  • music_work_spring_night
  • music_work_summer
  • music_work_summer_dusk
  • music_work_summer_night



Now, that you have renamed all these tracks, the next part is replacing audio.

The way to replacing audio is that you must right click on the audio clip which is called, /none, and click Replace sound...


Then click Add sound file...

Then look for the file location for your audio and add it into the sound. Then, select it and click OK.
(You can do this for all audio in here, except for jukebox.)

For jukebox:

Then, add your sounds from your file location.
Finally, go to your Banks.

From there, you can try to use this compression method. If it doesn't work for you, try changing the Compression


Make sure you save your project always because occasionally the app crashed randomly. (It could be caused by anything.)

Now, there are some other audios you can add to these, such as DST_theme_portaled, which is used for the lobby. Just copy and paste the music_FE for it.

I will leave my whole list of events for reference:


Now, you must Build the music_mod.fsb and music_mod.fev.

Use Ctrl-B to build the project.

The building will take a while to complete (Based upon on what extension you used for the music. .mp3, .ogg, etc.) (.ogg is the best in my opinion.)
When it is done, it should be located in a folder called sounds, where ever you saved the project. If you cannot find the folder then build again, but before you do it, click Output >>

Put .fsb and .fev in a folder called sounds in your Mod's folder.

Making the script:
For this one, I'll just give you a already created modmain.lua (file at the end) so I don't have to explain every single detail. (It's really late the time I'm posting this.)
If you want me to explain this procedure, comment and I'll reply.

In TheScraps' mod, he includes a scripts folder. Copy that folder and place it into your mod's folder.
Finally, copy the modinfo.lua file into the folder and edit it.

(Note: This is my mod info.)
What you will want to do is rename anything that is in the quotes to whatever is needs to be named. (forumthread = "" is used if your mod is a Workshop item.)
DO NOT mess with anything under configuration_options. The title says it all.

Finally, you can boot up your game and test out your mod from the client mods section.

If any of you have any problems with this tutorial, please leave a comment and explain your problem. 

I hope this helped anyone in need. Sorry if I rushed the end of this tutorial. It was around 3:00 am when I finished writing this. Thanks.







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If you don't mind me adding: in my personal experience, building a mod this way using TheScraps' scripts means that you may end up with very loud music. To change this, go to Sound Defs, click the song(s) that are too loud (can also ctrl + click for multiple) and then go to Volume on the right (the top one):


Click on the little down arrow and use the slider to choose the decibel level, or volume. I usually have to turn it down to about -8 dB, or about 39%.



Now you'll have to rebuild the project for these changes to take effect, but that's how you adjust the volume! Unfortunately, doing it this way means you can't simply change the in-game volume (at least, that didn't work for me). Hope this is helpful in some way! And major thank-you to Cagealicous above for making this guide; I had an embarrassingly hard time trying to figure out how to do this on my own with Cheerio's and TheScraps' outdated guides.

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