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  1. Well, I realized that this is for Don't Starve. It was supposed to be for Don't Starve Together.
  2. So, I'm having a problem trying to make my character have a negative sanity aura around a modded prefab that has a sanity aura. My code is like this: AddPrefabPostInit("tobi", function(inst) if GetPlayer().prefab == "ethan" then inst:AddComponent("sanityaura") inst.components.sanityaura.aura = -TUNING.SANITYAURA_LARGE end end) This was placed in modmain.lua. And I got this error: Any ideas?
  3. Ethan, The Hot Head

    He goes angry and has 2x damage and moves faster, but he goes insane quickly and he cannot sleep while angry.
  4. Ethan, The Hot Head

    Version 2.1.5


    This is a character mod my friend, Stormish, and I have created. The character has his own meter called Anger. When the character performs certain action incorrectly, he'll snap. Credits to: Stormish (He did most of code and some of the art), Me (I did almost all the art, some of the code). You can find the Steam Workshop version here: