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A chunk of the moon has broken loose and has crashed dead center of the constant breaking the mainland apart into several different Islands.. the Islands have all started to change in climate and the strange lifeforms brought down within the chunk of moon have started taking up habitation across these lands, changing the many newly created islands to suit their own alien survival needs. 

Meanwhile unaware to Wilson and the rest of the survivors thrown into the Constant “Them” is plotting to retake the Nightmare Throne from Charlie but are sitting silently in the shadows using her current Shenanigans as a Distraction from their Take-Over.

The Isles of the Constant pleases Charlie and she has been amused with the way the lifeforms from the Moon have taken them over Terraforming them into their own land Biomes. 

A Seemingly nice Beach Biome, Crabbits are very common here, Palm Tree Guardians are known to protect the land here, Parrots spawn regularly here, and when the Chunk of moon crashed into the constant it busted open some caves so the Creatures Maxwell Banished to the caves Rock Lobsters (Rocky) have begun setting up their own civilization on the island The Shore here will Occasionally be rushed with ocean waves flooding out any structures placed too close to water. Luckily no horrible Boss Monsters have decided to take up Residence on this Biome.

Dense Amazonian Jungles with constant Rainfall, Prime Apes take up home in the Tall Trees & the Overgrown Bushes are filled with Poisonous Snakes & Poisonous Spider Warriors, Inhabiting the land are Savage Pigmen who adapted to the island, Overgrown Floral life.. Eyeplants, Hostile Bee Nests are pop up all over this area hidden amongst the Dense Jungle. Oh and don’t forget the hostile man eating living plants. BEE QUEEN has made this her home.

Volcanic Fueled Hot Lava Zones a land with innocent looking Lavae, Red Hounds, Red Birds, Hardened Cave Spiders whose Hard Coal Like Body Armor allows it to survive the intense heat, and there’s also dangerous Magma Golems who live in the Lava Pits, a land where the summer Overheating has been sent into Hyperdrive, Everything is burning and always seems to be on fire, lakes have turned to Lava Rivers the ground is Scorched with lines of Hot Volcanic Magma piercing the surface, only creatures of intense heat survive here, You’ll need special heat resistant clothing & Craftables to explore here extended periods of time, Don’t drop an item on the ground too long it may catch fire, DRAGONFLY seems to have migrated to this Harsh new land.

The Frozen Tundra of a Forgotten Iceland, What was once a ocean swimming with sea life has had its polar molecularity wrecked by the chunk of moon that crashed into the constant freezing EVERYTHING into a large island of Sheer Cold and Ice, it’s Winter every day here with Snow Blizzards frequently, the land is like ice skating so a brand new gameplay mechanic of your character and enemies & items sliding across its surface comes into play, Winter Koalephant are common inhabitants of this Ice Land, Along with Ice (Blue) Hounds, Abominable Snow Splumonkey, Pengull, Winter Birds, No Eyed Deer & Mactusks. DEERCLOPS has moved to this Frozen Iceland.



and... that’s my Idea- the TL:DR version, using only creatures that are currently already part of DST/Shipwrecked/Hamlet I have decided to break everything up into Island Biomes the Isles of the Constant


Isles of the Constant Mobs:


Jungle Biome-

Prime Ape

Killer Bee Nests


Poison Snakes

Poison Spider Warriors

Guardian Pig Natives



Volcano Biome-


Magma Golems

Hardened Cave Spider

Red Hound

Red Bird



Frozen Ice Biome-

Winter Koalephant



White Winter Splumonkey

Winter Bird

Blue Hound

No Eyed Dear



Beach Biome-


Palm Tree Guardian


Parrot Bird 

Boss: NONE (for Now..)


(of Course If this Idea ends up being used Klei will probably add some brand new content/Mobs  to each island as well.)

I just felt that we should need a REASON to build a boat and go sailing.. this provides an excellent opportunity to do just that.

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Ideas are fine, but klei doesn't like to re-use SW things. Thus beach, volcano and jungle won't make it.

Having islands that have one endless season could be interesting.

Since DST ocean is not tropical, why not make it sub-arctical? Something like island Greenland from reality, scandinavian landscapes. They can have very different filing and feeling, different trees, different mobs and vikings!

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There are very few things that I want re-used from Shipwrecked, but the #1 thing the game defiantly needs is the Poisonous Snakes & Spider Warriors- 

Im not sure how many of you played DS Shipwrecked so I’ll Explain Poison to you, In the Shipwrecked Expansion they made Spider Warriors more Dangerous by giving them a % chance that their attacks would inflict you with Poison, Poison Bleed your Health Core out slowly with Damage over time, and the only way to Cure it was by crafting an Anti-Venom.

Anti-Venom only stopped the DoT, it did not heal up health core.


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