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Simple specialized storage piles

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I'd like there to be a little more variation to the storage options in the game. Since such a lot of the game is about managing and moving around resources it seems like a missed opportunity that you mostly end up with the generic storage boxes that all look the same. I'm not thinking about more advanced storage, but rather the other way around, simple but specialized storage "buildings" (piles) to give your base areas more character and make it easier to see what resources you have and where. For example:

- "Rock pile" simple pile where you can only store rocks and ores.

- "Agriculture pile" stores sacks of dirt, soil, fertilizer etc useful for agriculture.

- "Fuel pile" stores solid fuels like wood, coal.

- "Metal pile" stores stacks of ingots of processed metals.

All with distinct look and visible changes graphically to show roughly how much is in the storage.

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Once upon a time, debris used to pile up, as can be seen in this video.  I imagine they abandoned this to ease processing, but I do wish it would have been viable.  The like the idea of dumping excess minerals down a garbage chute onto a giant pile from which my hatches eat.

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