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  1. I left it running (beach ball cursor and unresponsive app) a couple of minutes and grabbed the log while it was in the background. Then eventually force-quit the game. But I think I did that after getting the log in this instance. As for the mod log entries I first encountered the problem when I had some mods installed, then the log contained messages about loading those mods (successfully as I understood it). But then I followed the instructions above and removed all mods and the preference file and after that the problem presisted, but the log now doesn't contain much and seems to end after starting Unity.
  2. Was returning to the game to try it out after having re-installed it just recently, but even though I've never had any problems with it before now it seem the game won't start. I just get the Klei logo and then it's just stuck not getting any further. First time I force quit the game and tried launching it again, same thing. I then tried the steps suggested here: https://support.klei.com/hc/en-us/articles/360036947812-Oxygen-Not-Included-is-crashing-at-or-just-after-the-Klei-Logo But still get the same problem of never getting past the logo and eventually I have to force quit. (Also, the "Log files" attachment thing below doesn't accept .log files like the unity player log) Player.log
  3. Got the same thing today. Strangely when I had a colony of 15 duplicants, 15 bed and 4 toilets. I think it could be related to scheduling, as I had a schedule with a wash time with only four duplicants on, which I guess could mean they each in their wash time had one toilet each.
  4. I have a related, but in some senses opposite bug with nosh beans: Even though I've never seen or discovered any nosh beans in my colonies they're available (as tofu) as an option in the cooking recipes menus from the start, unlike the other recipes that unlock and show up as you discover the ingredients.
  5. I just tried the game on my second computer, a mac with macOS 10.14.6 and two monitors at 1920x1080. The game starts fine and goes to full screen mode, but if I tab out (Command-tab) to switch to another application, or when the game does this when you press the forum or patch-notes button, the game window disappears and doesn't come back if I try to switch back to it. The game application is activated, but it doesn't go back to fullscreen showing the actual game. If you set the option to only play music when the game is active, the music starts again when you tab back to the game, but nothing is shown. At this point the menu bar is hidden as well, as if the game was in fullscreen mode. But it still responds to the menu key commands (Command Q to quit for example). If I at this point use command F to toggle fullscreen to windowed mode it seems to toggle to window mode, but no window is shown. However, if I then toggle back to fullscreen with Command F again it goes into fullscreen, finally showing the game again, but at a lower resolution and not the native 1920x1080 I had before. I'm not sure if this is due to the resolution or the fact that this computer has two monitors, or if this is a bug introduced in a recent patch. I've previously played the game on another mac with the same macOS version, but a single higher resolution monitor, and there it worked fine and I could tab in/out with no problem.
  6. Here’s a link to a similar discission regarding the same confusion in the forum https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/topic/88026-strained-wires/
  7. There seems to be a problem with wire circuits behind transformers and the "strained" yellow status in the electricity overlay. It seems that regardless of power supply and demand circuits "behind" transformers are always marked as strained when powered. As I understand it the strained status is supposed to indicate a circuit has more power demand than what is supplied to it, basically telling the player they need to add more generators. This works fine when you're starting out with a simple single circuit with the same wire and everything connected to it. But the "strained" status only seems to take into account batteries and generators, not transformers. So at least in my experience circuits that are isolated from the generators and batteries by a transformer are always shown as strained. If this is by design it's confusing as the "strained" status now doesn't tell the player anything useful about the "outer" circuits beyond transformers, and may even incorrectly make the player believe there's a power shortage. On a related note, the "strained" status could also be a little confusing to players as there are two different types of strain on electrical wiring in the game it could refer to. Both the power supply deficit it now indicates (supply strain), and the overload strain of having a peak wattage that is over the maximum allowed wattage for the cable type. While the supply strain is now indicated (only incorrectly for circuits beyond transformers) the overload strain is not indicated at all as far as I can tell (until something overloads). And for circuits outside the transformers I'd say that the overload strain is usually more relevant to the player (to tell them they need to change cables or rewire things to more separate circuits). So perhaps it would be a good idea to try and indicate both these types of strain separately in the electrical overlay in some way? As an illustration, when I started understanding the wires had a wattage limit I immediately thought this was what the "strained" status referred too. When I then understood it related to supply and demand I was already solving the overload problem with transformers, which then as described above made the strained status confusing again as all circuits outside the transformers were marked as strained.
  8. I have the same problem, also on 2560x1440 macOS version. I agree that the natural limit to zooming out should be when the entire research tree fits. On a related note, it would be helpful if the research screen centered on the current ongoing research when you opened it, so you don't have to look for what you're currently researching (which is especially bothersome now that you can't zoom out).
  9. Got the same bug, "Red Light, Green Light" unlocked before I ever did any automation, it might have been because a structure with automation spawned on the map (hadn't interacted with it though). "Good Egg" I think might also have unlocked to early as I got it without hatching any eggs. Perhaps some hatched naturally in my base? But I assume this is supposed to be for critters you ranch? "Ghosts of Gravitas" also triggered too early, triggering when I discovered a site (and perhaps entered it?) but before I inspected anything or got a database entry for inspecting anything as the description says. On the other hand the "It's Not Raw" achievement I think triggered too late, long after the first duplicant had eaten anything from the grill.