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Renewable light fuel in Shipwrecked


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There's a distinct lack of renewable light sources in Shipwrecked. In Reign of Giants, or even the base game, lanterns and the miner's hat can be refueled with light bulbs, which are abundant in the caves, and can be gathered without much trouble from day 1.

It seems there's no such thing for Shipwrecked, with Bioluminesce being limited. Tar lamp is unreliable, just like the torch.

Fireflies from the slot machine with a 2% chance are not reliable. For your boat, you could rely on Yaarctopus, but a big part of the game still happens on land, where regular means of light are needed.

I'm wondering what's the design idea for this lack of renewability in light fuels. Is it because the developers expect people to use the Seaworthy to go back to caves to craft several lanterns?

I actually went on and made changes to the prefabs that deal with bioluminesce and its spawner to make it renewable, but perishable. I'm currently testing the changes, might publish it as a mod soon.

I browsed previous discussions on this, and most folks seem to agree, as seen on:


" Renewable biolum! No reason why this resource shouldnt respawn every night in new locations indefinitely. "

" There's no reason biolum shouldn't respawn. There's an finite amount of bottle fuel unless you want to farm the slot machine for fireflies which isn't worth. "




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1 hour ago, Sunset Skye said:

This isn't necessarily a solution, but you can also get 100% fueled bottle lanterns from whales, so there is a slightly reliable way to get more bottle lanterns at least.

True, didn't mention that one.

We could also have something like whale oil, considering that it was used as fuel for oil lamps.

In fact, there's a mod that reworks blubber to work as a fuel: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=941013201&searchtext=blubber

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Sadly, this has been a problem for SW only long term worlds for quite some time. It seemed weird to me that they introduced the Rainbow Jellyfish in the Home Sea Home update long after its release but it doesnt drop anything to refuel light sources. 

The problem would even be solved if Moleworms would occur in the volcano and the Moggles where craftable in SW only worlds because Drgoon Hearts can actually fuel them!

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