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  1. I am pretty sure it is. 0.9514 = 0.49 => 49% chance to NOT spawn the tiger shark afer 14 waves, meaning you have a 51% chance to spawn him. (95% to NOT spawn the tiger shark; 14 waves)
  2. I had a simular problem in my world when I didnt know much about Tigershark yet. Here is the thing. The tiger shark can only be spawned with 2 methods: 1. Attacking/Being near Sharkittens. 2. Spawning her through this: The Tiger Shark that rekt your harbor was pretty likely spawned through this. And the thing is he spawns near you, NOT by the den with this method. So puting things on the den island will not solve the issue. But as you can see the percentance of spawning are very low, except for riding waves in monsoon season. Of course riding waves happens a lot and after even just 14 waves you have a higher then 50% chance to spawn her. To avoid Tiger Shark causing you problems, simply kill her regularly at the begining and in Moonsoon Season (she does have a 10 day respawn timer if you kill her, so killing her at the begining and ten days later is enough). The other spawn chances are so low that you really have to get unlucky to spawn her in a wrong moment. Hope that helped.
  3. larger islands

    You can set the world to huge in world setting before creating a new world. While it doesnt give you more island than usually, it increases the size of them. But in the end it still depends on your luck if you get a decent number of bigger islands close together. If you dont like the sailing and would rather spend most of your time on single islands, then I feel like ROG is better suited for you then SW.
  4. Hello lovely people. I reached 2000 days in my current world and thought I would do a base tour on what I have built this far. Enjoy.
  5. I dont think so given that Woodlegs main perk in spawning treasures is useless as you are not allowed to enter land to actually get them. Also the sea legs is not renewable on sea because you cant get nitre, eggs or coconuts in the ocean. The best character for this challenge should be WX-78. He can spawn Flooty Booty Knights to live forever and is not bothered by the lightning as there is no other way to protect your stuff from lighting on sea. The worst character should be Warly as you cant use crockpots or drying racks, he needs to eat more and hates the same food.
  6. You dont need flint after you left land for tools because you can use gold instead and also not for spears because you can kill swordfish for weapons.
  7. Some setup like that yes. You accually cant use boat repair kits since silk is limted to the 5 days. You simply craft a second boat once your old one is damaged too much, jump boats and hammer the old one for resources. The far bigger barriers are the lightning in hurricane season which requires you to spawn tigershark with wave surfing and using your limted bamboo to trawl for blue gems in order to get past dry season. You base location is also rather important. You would like to have Mangroves, Coral Reefs, one or more Swordfish spawners, Yaarctopus and both shallow and deep ocean section rather close together.
  8. Pretty interesting idea. It reminds me of Joeshmocoolstuff´s Ruins Survial series. I thought about your concept a bit and here are some of my thoughts. Let me know what you think. I might do that challenge at some point. Resources: - Grass - Twigs - Logs from Mangrove Biom - Vines - Bamboo from Whales - Stones - Red/Blue/Purple Gems - Fish from Trawl Net - Gold/Dubloons from Trawl Net/Yaarctopus - Tar from Tar Extractors/Quacken Peak Food: - Mussel Stick, Seaweed, Ballphin Farm and other Sea life. Preparation(~5 days): - First few days gather lots of sand (for structures), vines, bamboo (for Trawl Nets and other stuff), stone (for Hammers), silk and coconuts (for Fish Farms and Tar Extractors). - Craft a science machine to prototype a sea lab. Catch a Parrot and craft a Piratihatitator to unlock the Chilled Amulet. Problems: - Sand, Silk and Coconuts are finite. - Cooling down is a problem, only chilled amulets can be used on sea. - No access to a ton of usefull items including Magic Items.
  9. The game freezes when it tries to update spawns it seems like. When one is traveling from another plane(caves, volcano, rog to sw) to another and moves to certain spawners then the game straightup freezes. The music continues but the game is frozen. It doesnt give a bug tracker warning ether, which forces the player to close the game manually. The spawners in question seem to be at least: Ballphins producing offspring, Doy Doys producing offspring(egg hatching), Pig Torches trying to spawn a new Tribal Pig, Whale Carcass trying to explode. There may be even more but those are the spawners that freeze the game for sure.
  10. Hey, I am trying to create a mod which adds a new world gen option to the game. It should be an option that allows the player to disable strong winds simular to the world gen option for disabling puddles. But since I am really new to moding I have a few questions: 1. I am sure there was work already done for new world gen options. Can someone provide me a link to that? 2. I was unable to find the strong winds in the game files. Maybe I searched for the wrong words?! idk. Does someone have an idea where it is located? Big thanks in advance