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  1. Currently tar lamps, that are placed on the ground and turned off when you save and quit, will be turned on again when the player relogs. This makes it impossible to store tar lamps on the ground, because as soon as one relogs all tar lamps will turn on again and soon turn into ash. The lamps shouldnt burn on their own again when a player relogs.
  2. Currently trawl nets disapear once they are droped (ether by being full or if you unequip them). It seems to be a rather new bug since the last hamlet update.
  3. Maybe it is just me, but in my mind a item shouldnt be able to completely store food, light sources and certain mobs for all eternity, while also allowing you to have way way more inventory space at the cost of only one rope. Again, I think in DST it is less of a problem because there are more people around, but I see no reason to import this item unchanged into single player when a lot of other quirks would have been more important.
  4. But using the Bundling Wrap this way is NOT an exploit! That is how it is supposed to work. And can we not bring terms such as "tryhard" into this? This is not about the player playing, it is about the item. If an item is way too versatile and powerfull then it shouldnt be in the game or at least nerfed.
  5. Just because you dont use Bundling Wraps this way doesnt mean it doesnt have much more potential than simply storing food. A LOT MORE actually. Some of which doesnt make a lot of sense and is far too good. If you dont share my view then fine but then at least bring some counter arguments on why it isnt too good.
  6. I never was such a person and hopefully never will be. If some people really want this, then there are mods for this, but not the main game please. At least rebalance the ported items at least. If Bundling Wraps worked like the insulated pack and you could only carry one with then it would be a lot more balanced. It would function as an insulated pack that doesnt take the chest slot and wouldnt be quit so overpowered. One shouldnt be able to have 116 inventory slots ((15 inventory slots + 14 krampus sack slots) times 4). (Not going to comment on the strawman argument)
  7. I never said that. While they are still overpowered in DST, they at least make some sense when you make a lot of food for many players. But in single player there is never need for so much food. It just replaces the removel for steady food supply from gameplay with nothing in return. There were a lot of other basic things they could have brought over from DST like fighting behavior or path finding. Brining bundling wraps over seem rather lazy and maybe even wrong, when the outcome on single player is very different from DST. That is just my view on this. I cant change anything, but I can at least voice my concerns about Klei´s direction on the game. Edit: Grammar
  8. That was not what I way going for. Both are reducing gameplay while providing nothing in return. The question shouldnt be "why do you use them then?", it should be "why is it in the game?" or "does it add anything to game play?".
  9. This! Very much this! Unfortunately, it doesnt look like Klei is going to change this attitude any time soon. The last content update of DST which allowed character switching in worlds, means not even your character matters anymore. Is this really what players want? What is the point of a survial game if there isnt any kind of challenge, no matter how small it is? I also dislike the attitude of "nobody forces you to use them". Just like loot boxes, right?
  10. You can also world hop in linked worlds that you dont care about. I understand your opinion, I just dont agree with it. I am a single player as well and I dont like a lot of this update at all. I just dont understand why you want to port all this stuff to single player. I would simply be DST with a single player mod. There are even SW mods for DST. Importing too much stuff from DST into singleplayer and make them too simular is not good imo. That is what I meant though. You dont just play one character anymore, you basicly play all. It is not the survial of a lost soul, it is minecraft with basicly unlimted resources. One shouldnt be able to switch wickerbottom and wolfgang with that low of a cost.
  11. You mean the way that has actually a cost attached to it? It should stay that way. The switching of characters in DST was a horrible idea anyway imo and turns characters into tools that you throw away when you dont need them anymore instead of building the world around them. Single player should NOT turn into DST! Keep the games seperated and only bring over things that apply to basic game play like attack canceling.
  12. The game freezes when it tries to update spawns it seems like. When one is traveling from another plane(caves, volcano, rog to sw) to another and moves to certain spawners then the game straightup freezes. The music continues but the game is frozen. It doesnt give a bug tracker warning ether, which forces the player to close the game manually. The spawners in question seem to be at least: Ballphins producing offspring, Doy Doys producing offspring(egg hatching), Pig Torches trying to spawn a new Tribal Pig, Whale Carcass trying to explode. There may be even more but those are the spawners that freeze the game for sure.
  13. Hey, I am trying to create a mod which adds a new world gen option to the game. It should be an option that allows the player to disable strong winds simular to the world gen option for disabling puddles. But since I am really new to moding I have a few questions: 1. I am sure there was work already done for new world gen options. Can someone provide me a link to that? 2. I was unable to find the strong winds in the game files. Maybe I searched for the wrong words?! idk. Does someone have an idea where it is located? Big thanks in advance