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  1. Rainbow Jellyfish on Land

    I guess your camp is ether close to the middle of the map or the volcano and the game wrongly spawned the Jellyfish on the island during its migration path. Sadly, you also cant pen Rainbow Jellyfish because they despawn once you are far enough away.
  2. You cant make old ROG/SW saves Hamlet compatible ingame, unfortunately. You CAN do it however by arranging the game files in such a way that the link between your SW and ROG world gets undone (turning them into two seperate worlds).and then creating a new Hamlet world which you can use to linke the now unlinked ROG and SW world together. Details on how this is done here. This method does allow you to effectively add Hamlet compatibility to any old world. There are a few things to keep in mind though: - Because you can only link the ROG and SW worlds from the new Hamlet world, this means that the character you choose for the Hamlet world will be the one you will end up with (your old character in the SW and ROG world dies and leaves behind a grave where he was located). - This also means that your character will only know the crafting recipes that you learned in your Hamlet world, so a bit of relearning recipes will be needed after you merge all 3 worlds. - Your daycount on the pause screen does reset, because you technically play as a new character, but the day count on the clock in the top right corner DOESNT reset because that counter only counts the days each world has existed rather than the number of days that you survived.
  3. Hamlet (Consoles)

    I think you need to dial down the emotions and personal attacks towards users that you disagree with. Those have no place in this thread. PMs exist, so keep this stuff out of the forum. It poisons discussions and keeps derailing the thread. Keep those in PMs like we did, no one wants to see this drama or conspiracy talk. (Also if you simple dont respond in the PMs then we cant solve the disagreement.) No one is telling what you can and cant say here, but common decency should be a factor on how things are handled. You see, most people dont disagree with your (or @inferjus4´s) ideas, but simply your attitude on certain things sometimes. For example a lot of players certainly would like to see a small content update for Hamlet to polish up the gameplay a bit, but there is a difference on how to ask for that. Constantly adding the developers in anger filled posts where you call them greedy and whatnot is certainly NOT the way to go about it. Also lets make something clear: DS Hamlet and SW are not unfinished DLCs. There could have been a bit more potential to polish them up a bit more but just because that didnt happen doesnt mean that Klei simply didnt care about it. For the price of the DLCs both are full of content and hardly worth calling unfinished. We both would like to see that small update but no one is entitled towards it, the DLCs are very much worth their money even now. As it stands we should just patiently wait instead of bring up the topic in every new thread. And again, I hope you can leave the personal things out of this or at least this thread.
  4. Least favourite season?

    All I am saying is that imput is always important in the OP. The thread poster should give his or her opinion on the matter in few sentences and explain shortly what the thread is about and what subjects specificly could be interesting and worth geting opinions about. In threads about topics like this which were already coverd a decent number of times, the thread poster should give a new perspective or bring up a fact that wasnt already mentioned before or that maybe is new and could have changed up the discussion. Or, in the case of an old archived thread idea, mention where the old thread left off and go from there with a quick recap. Though often old threads are archived because the discussion died though due to no new perspective on the topic. In the case of a simply yes no question or a quick poll, I think this thread worked. A few people answered the poll. You just cant expend 50+ people to suddendly answer it because traffic is slow in the forums and like I said nothing new was brought forward. Instead of complaing that you cant "win" (whatever that means in a discussion forum), you should flesh out your ideas more to make reading and answering them more interesting.
  5. Lore of the Pinnacle?

    I dont really think there is a story behind the house in its nest. From the looks of it, it seems that the BFB simply collected things from the islands to built his nest on the pinacle hence all the branches and sticks. But it also looks like the BFB acts similar too a magpie or crow and collects shiny objects too which is why we see all those metal objects like the broken lampost and the gemstones. She most likely collected the house and lamp post from a nearby pig city. Who lived in the house (most likely just a regular pig citizen) or if it was a slanty shanter that was abonded cant really be known.
  6. I know why people do it but for me this humor just falls flat because there is basicly no joke behind the ironic statement. "This character with no upsides, which is barely different from the starting character is actually overpowered!" isnt some grant comedy. Especially because the meme is so old and well known. I simply dont find it funny when people make such an ironic joke that isnt actually a joke to me when they know full well that I already know the answer. This meme is not only a worn out gum but a drown away gum at the bottom of thrash can. And for some reason people still want to dig up that gum every few weeks when Wes is mentioned in some fashion. I understand that people have different kinds of humors but it just find those kinds of jokes lacking. There are good memes out there, it is just like in comedy that the good ones get regularly drown out by bad ones. In this case I just think people overdid it. This is open for debate but to me there is more to a challenge than simply its difficulty. You can try to brush you teeth while holding the toothbrush in your foot. While being hard, it wouldnt be enjoyable,encouraging or rewarding and you wouldnt really learn somthing from it. Challenges need to have nuances and teach things that you didnt know before. In case of video games, it should change up the basic gameplay and provide new obstacles to work around and overcome as well as teach the player about different parts of the game. Which is why I think Wes is not a good challenge character. He doesnt have new gameplay aspects. He has the same as Wilson, it just takes him longer. The characters I named all do this to some extent. Wigfird brings players out of their comfort zone and encourages combat thus teaching the player about kiting, risk and reward and usefulness of monster drops. Webber teaches about different mobs and how they interact towards each other as well as followers (and surving with lower stats). Warly is propably one of the best designed challenge characters along with Woodlegs and Wickerbottom for older players that already have a good grasp on the game but search for a more creative challenge. All of them encourage experimentation and interactions with items and structures on a larger scale. You also have to consider that DS (along with DST) isnt a hard game. I basicly just comes down to how much knowledge about the game the player has. You "beat" half the game already once kiting and the food system are learned because they open up such a wide array of options. So "hard" challenges in DS can pretty much only exist by limiting acess to certain things. Be it time, resources or whatever else that changes the basic game play. Wes does non of this because he is just a blander, slower version of Wilson. Feel free to disagree but that is how I see it.
  7. I think you didnt understand or misinterpret my stand on Wes. I know full well that people only ironically call him the best character in the game. But a terrible meme that was never good anyway doesnt become good just because it was repeated a million times. In fact it gets worse the longer it stays around. Your stand that playing Wes will somehow significantly increase your play compared to others is also just weird to me and it annoys me quite a bit that people think playing Wes is hard. He is not, not at all in fact. In fact if you even unlocked Wes in the first place than you mastered a bigger challenge than playing him already. Increasing numbers is the most boring, uncreative way possible to increase the challenge for the player. Characters like Wigfried, Webber or Warly are much better approaches at a challenge character for newer and older players because they actually change up the regular gameplay and offer new obstacles to overcome. Wes´ challenges arent different or harder from regular charactes like Wilson, he just needs longer to do them. That is why I dont like the character itself, the bad memes only make it worse.
  8. Least favourite season?

    To be fair the question of this thread has been covered and discuss many many times before and since you didnt provide any new input either I dont blame people for skipping this thread. More people talk on reddit too, the Klei forums are sort of abandoned when it comes to DS.
  9. I dislike Wolfgang a lot. I used to play him a fair bit but the time he gains through faster combat often is often lower than the time to gain all the food to keep him fed. But what really kills any enjoyment for the character for me are his hunger transformation, that cant be canceled and can cause a lot of trouble (I know he is invincible during it but he sure isnt after) and his constant downticking of his health which just triggers my OCD. Edit: Wes is a strong second contender but what annoys me isnt actually the character but some peoples attitude with him. He is just horrible boring and the worst attempt of a challenge character.
  10. FIrst of all it is not a "must have thing". Current single player Warly isnt great, but he isnt terrible either. His problem is just that he is very bland because his main perk isnt working how the deves thought it would. A decent number of improvments for his design have been proposed over the years and while I would enjoy a changed Warly, I am not going to loose sleep over it. I would really really dislike just a ported DST version. I dont want to have another Bundling Wrap situation where things are just ported over without any playtesting and they turn out to be completely broken. I will take take bland any day over that, thanks. Klei is right to not port over this specific version because it just doesnt fit into singleplayer.
  11. He doesnt have a fixed day at which he spawns. He can spawn during the entire autum, though it is unlikely that he spawns early into the season.
  12. All giants always spawn next to you and dont have aggresion towards you yet. They just wander around until you provoke them and in Beargers case, he searches for food (Rot, Petals, Honey, Ice Boxes etc.).
  13. IF you can kite him then there really shouldnt be a problem. All giants including Bearger always give a lengthy warning roar before they spawn. As soon as you hear his roar grab some weapons, armor and maybe healing/sanity food and run away from your base and bee area. 5-7 screens away is super safe. When his roars stop the spawned close to you, so look around the area until you find him. Equip your gear and start attacking him so that he comes after you instead of pursuing food. Then kite him to death.
  14. World linking

    Yes, but not in the game itself. You would have to do some changing of the game files. This comment explains how you can unlink your combined world. Then just use the seaworthy again and link the correct SW world.
  15. Sea worther

    Unfortunately no. I only heard from people that it respawned at some point, not sure if that was patched or unintended.