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  1. The type of fish you get when you stock a fish farm is random though the chance for Tropical Fish is higher than the other fish types. From the wiki: 50% for Tropical Fish 16.67% for either Purple Groupers, Pierrot Fish, or Neon Quattros
  2. Correct. All that the compatibility options do is add the sea worthy and the sky worthy to the crafting tab and spawn the crashed boat and crashed balloon into the world.
  3. Yes, but only if you merge from a Hamlet world. Each DLC can be merged with any former DLC world no matter which compatablity was choosen.
  4. I actually think both SW and to a certain extent Hamlet both capture the survial and "lost in unknown world" feel better than ROG. It is just that both lack a bit in the game play ascpect in comparision to ROG (Hamlet more than SW). They both dont really have an endgame goal like ROGs ruins or adventure mode and there isnt much you can do after the first year or so if you arent intested in base building. It is not like I dislike them, in fact I love SW the most out of all 3 but the reason for no polish on SW and Hamlet seems to be no creative choices but rather poor buisness choice like the 12k free Hamlet copies or SW getting made by another company. I also would have gladly paid more for SW and Hamlet if they finished them up better.
  5. Why Are You Guys Quiet?

    I guess we will just have to agree to disagree. To me those mentioned points that add hours of unique game play not possible in DST are enough to distingush. I can only explain my opinion. If you dont agree with that fine. The word you were looking for in your second sentence is sequal btw. But I guess Mario 64 and Mario Galaxy are the same games too since they both use the same basic mechanics. What do I know? Also dont put words in my mouth. I never said anything about the movement of the dragonfly as a point. I meant new bosses like the antlion. Because some of Kleis reworks are just not good see early Willow for that. Balancing for single player and multiplayer is very very different. I gave my reasons for why I dont agree here. Disagree if you must. The entire point of DST existence was because Klei didnt belive it would work out to simply change DS itself and with SW and Hamlet it seem even more impossible. But we both stated our reasons for why we take which sides and nobody is conviced of the other side. So there is that. I have mentioned often enough why I think they are seperate games and to me the suff that adds hours of unique game play clearly seperates them. You both seem to think basics alone make them the same. I dont think so. Mario 64 is not Mario Galaxy just because they have very simular basic mechanics. The surrounding stuff matters a lot. But I made this clear often enough. I am not going to respond to the rest of this because I am truely tired of this. We talk in circles and repeat ourselves plus you keep puting words in my mouth that I never said like I am trying to act as a developer or that I didnt read your posts fully. It should be pretty clear that I only represent my opinion on a forum and not anyone else. And I dont need to be belittled by you for those things that I never said or did. I gave my reasons for my opinion multiple times and if you dont agree, then fine. But since a potential change would also affect me I though I would share them. Guess that wasnt that smart of an idea... If you have any further things to say PM me.
  6. Why Are You Guys Quiet?

    I am sorry but I cant see how they are the same game, when 2 DLCs exist with entirely different stuff that DST doesnt have, jumping through multiple worlds, adventure mode, more than one cave, multi-world game play and so on. As I already said their basics are the same but beyond that they arent very alike. Even ROG alone is quite a bit different to DST because of all the updates to DST over the years. Bosses where added and changed, different mechanics like the sandstorm and so on. That sounds quite different to me. Obviously DS has some QoL problems and I am personally sad that Klei didnt adress those in the QoL update back then but that still doesnt mean that DS is a "lesser" game and that support for it should be stopped. Those are quite harsh statements to players that only play singleplayer. Not to mention that DST has some problems of its own and some changes to mobs and mechanics were at least controversial, some to me even bad. I didnt think I needed to name more than 3 but see above for more differences between the games. The reason I said it is an utopian view is because it seem very very difficult if not impossibe to me to merge single player and multiplayer along with 2 DLCs into one game without having to sacrifice a lot. That would annoy a lot of people who liked those and I just dont see the benefit in that huge change that would take ages to programm and balance when one could just buy both games. And if it is just multiplayer hamlet and SW that is wanted then there are already mods for that. I am not sure if @Crimson Chin wanted to come off as such. But even you say that one shouldnt make broad statements. When he then says that "everyone will be happy with this" and "this will work out better for Klei" without giving much reasoning if any for it, then to me that at least sounds arrogant or at least naive. I even asked him in the other thread if he could explain his views, but nope. And he is simply repeating those statements in multiple threads. If he at least explains it than we can work out where we stand and find a middle ground but this just seems off to me. I can see at least that it is a subject of opionion but to me at least it CURRENTLY seems very hard to favour DST solo play over DS. Are those small QoL things really that much of a problem to you that you would rather create a completly new singleplayer aspect for DST? That seems excessive to me. I would also appreciate it if you could name some of those since I asked @Crimson Chin the same and he didnt give me a reply to this. This is the crux between our disagreement. Because of the reasons mentioned above they arent the same game to me and every time a new player on reddit asks what the difference between the games is, ussually the answer is a big paragraph. Since they are so different to me, I dont see how this DST solo play option would be a good option and no one has given me a good answer yet why 2 games dont work. I am also quite sure if I show someone SW gameplay and then DST game play with multiple people that they could tell me if they are the same game. For the content in both games they are very cheap and I really dont think one should complain about the price here. Dont try to make it sound like I said anything like that! I never said it is cheap for anyone, but come on. 8€ for DS and 15€ for DST is pretty low when you consinder that DS without any DLCs takes about 15 hours at least to survive one year and you can add another 10 to 20 hours on top of that if you consider going into the ruins or adventure mode to truly see all content in the game. That sounds to me like enough of game time for 8€... Any DLC which are also cheap then add another 10 or so hours on top of that. Of course DS isnt for anybody but than just look for something else. Being down on the game because it wasnt your taste seems odd. It is quite well made and stands out among survial games. It is true that you can reach a point where you run out of stuff to do, but this is the nature of a sandbox. Simular to minecraft you have to find your own entertainment after you done the survial part of DS. If you dont want to then that is also fine. I dont think I made an outrages statement that DS and DST are worth buying. Or are you saying theay are?
  7. I think Tigermouth25 did a good job with it and certainly improved him from his current state but I think it didnt adress his main problem, his variety and special crockpot food enough. He and I actually discussed this a while ago and I gave my take on it here:
  8. Why does fog exist

    I mean, you can literally disable it in the world customization options so I really dont see the point of this thread. It is simular to DST´s disease, many people dont like it so they just turn it off. Nothing wrong with that.
  9. my problems with Wheeler

    I guess that is true to some extent but on the other hand it also encourages smarter inventory management. Too many new players just carry a lot of unnecessary stuff that they currently dont need in their inventory. Sesonal clothes do decrease her speed due to more needed base inventory space but I dont think it is that big of an issue since it is only 1% less for each space and even with a full inventory Wheeler is not slower than the default speed. So it really is only missing out on a bit of advantage for some time instead of a big disadvantage though I could see tweeking her backpack interaction a bit.
  10. Why Are You Guys Quiet?

    Like I said in the other thread, this is just ludacris and assumes that DST is simply DS with multiplayer aspect. It is clearly not! DST has the same basics and that is about it. Even without DS DLCs there is still a lot of differences. It would be very hard if not impossible to combine both into one game without sacrificing a lot of stuff. Like world hopping, 3 different world themes and the list goes on. But of course some people would rather talk about such an utopian DST dream in which everybody is happy, there is free ice cream and wouldnt it all be nice? Let me tell you again: Not everyone would enjoy this! Since DS > DST single player in just about every way, only people who enjoy multiplayer game play would enjoy this change. So lets not **** over a large portion of the single player base for this nonsense. Really, what is the problem anyway with having a game for solo play and one for multiplay? That "problem" seems to laughably small in comparision to what such a drastic change would create. Keep DST and DS seperated! If you are instered in both games then simply buy both! They are both laughably cheap for such huge games with such depth.
  11. If you are near the rope you can simply press the action key (default spacebar) to clime it.
  12. 1. The biggest one for me is that DS has a way better feel and atmosphere to its game play. You alone against the challenges of this unknown world, no one is there to help you. It is just you and your wit. DS is mainly a survival challenge while DST is not. 2. With 3 DLCs, one can have 3 combined world each of which has sublayer world on top of that. Meaning the world of DS can be far bigger than any DST world. 3. The Teleportato and world hopping are such a good feature and to me are far more interesting than the fuelwaver. It means that you can still discover a new world after 1000s of days, which is not possible in DST. 4. Being able to pause the game. 5. Reasonable HP for mobs. Seriously how does DST still not scale the health of mobs with the player number. 6. No Skins. Yes, DS not having skins is a plus for me. DST skins ruin the art style and feel for me. Because they clearly dont belong in the same world. It just ruins the atmosphere. It makes such worlds feel very artificially.