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Introducing the Lagmaster 1000

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This spectacular device will give you infinite storage, while cooling your goods at the same time, all while giving you a nice delay between each frame tick, so that you have time to think about you have just done.

Our goal is to deliver items to a general storage area with efficient cooling, both on-screen and off-screen.  To do this, we intermix rails with rail bridges in the following configuration, which Ellie so kindly volunteered to show us.



Using this configuration of rails we take the goods on a nice long journey through a shed load of metal tiles, which are ideally cooled using liquid Chlorine, because it has a really low thermal conductivity and capacity, meaning your AQ will run at full throttle all of the time using Maximum electricity.  There is no need for steam turbines, just drip freshly cooled water into the top of the AQ's and vent the steam into the surrounding area.



If it's excersise you want your dupes to get, just select each bin to priority 8 and uncheck Sweep only on the bins, while keeping your loaders at Priority 9.

Obviously I haven't finished filling in all the metal tiles yet, I've had quite a lot of time to think about what I've done while waiting for my frames to catch up...

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I like it because it provides very little cooling while offscreen, so you can recycle your hot mats for even more lag.

Sadly though, they're working on multithreaded conveyors, and the lag will mostly go away. So not quite futureproof, but I guess you can always make it bigger. :)



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The bridges provide a good balance of both on-screen & off-screen cooling, well, I say balance, it's not really balanced, I just made as many bridges as I could be arsed to at the time.

I couldn't spell a letter L for Lagmaster, so put a couple of insulated tiles in the middle to make it look like an R obviously.


If none of this is interesting, there is always the option of playing resource bandit, just fill your bins up with everything and while your waiting to catch up on the previous frame, watch the output and if you get 5 in the row, you win :D


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I also made one, with auto decontamination

there was a mk2 design but I never posted it, the mark2 was a tile taller, wheeze are build on top of a automated door to control the temperature

PS: the wheeze are not meant to cool the items but to prevent Hot ones from heating the whole area up

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