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Ability to cut conduits + connecting conduits should be a work errand

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Most actions in the game require a dupe operation e.g. build, dig, toggle. All of these actions are easy to cancel before they are performed.

Most of the operations that can controlled by the user are done through clear menus/popups e.g. set automation parameters, set storage filters. Most of these are easily reversible.

These operations make it easy to plan out and undo as much as needed while paused.

However, connecting two adjacent conduits (pipes, wires, etc) is done immediately by the user, with no way to easily cancel - a dupe must completely deconstruct one of the conduits and rebuild it - requiring work and possibly causing spills. It's easy to do by mistake, with possibly grave results.

My suggestion is that both connecting and disconnecting conduits should be a work errand.

It would require more work for those of us who build the conduits just to the final point and not connect them.

  • Would cut on costly mistakes.
  • Would allow us to split conduits without spilling their contents.
  • "Empty pipe" would still be needed before deconstructing the pipes themselves.
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Its your choice, but since the game has been released, as it is, dont expect any new features or big changes until they deliver the announced DLC. 

All they do now is fixing bugs and improve performance. Everything else is up to the very talented modders out there. So you choose all by yourself: Play vanilla, with all the flaws you encounter, or use mods and get rid of them. There is no third option.

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