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  1. Read more about the issue here TL;DR if a hot material can cause a 5kg of a material next to it to phase change upwards, it will, heating the other material and cooling down by itself. Thermal conductivity is completely ignored for this interaction.
  2. Update: According to the source code, it seems sight-seeing module doesn't check if a gantry exist before unloading the dupe. ReleaseAstronaut is called immediately as the rocket lands, no giving enough time to even extend a gantry. Moreover, the buff is inside the conditional that the gantry exists and is extended. Command module has a check for gantry (HasValidGantry) before calling ReleaseAstronaut. TouristModule is missing this check.
  3. This is an old issue they tried to remediate, but didn't fully succeed. What happens is that when the game is saved (when a day starts), it freezes and every movement you do is exaggerated, causing the issue when the game finishes saving. What they tried to do was to not save while the mouse button is pressed. But if you stop pressing and immediately press again, it will again have the old issue.
  4. We've already talked about it. And I've now tested it. A few observations: The card showing the overheat "Base value" is bugged. When the game is in Celsius, the temperature it shows there is actually the Kelvin temperature, but with C. The Fahrenheit is probably bugged as well through similar logic. As for the actual overheat temperature, I've tested it now in sandbox and it actually is 1200c as you mentioned, with the steel bonus. I've also observed it keeping the overheat problems even after the temperature goes much lower, for a pretty long time. That said, it also took the building quite some time to start overheating even when the temperature was high. In my game it seemed like overheat is only calculated (at least for bunker tile) once in a while and not exactly when the temperature goes up or down. If it's more than a couple of seconds, it definitely looks like a bug.
  5. 2096f is 1146c which is over the 1000c overheat temperature for bunker doors. P.S. If you want doors under the rocket, steel mechanized airlocks is an option, as they don't have overheat temperature.
  6. I've made some sight-seeing module for rockets just for fun, thinking they would boost morale/stats/stress as stated in the wiki. Unfortunately, dupes return without the bonus and naturally stressed due to low morale, like rocket pilots generally do. It appears the game does not record dupes as passengers as seen the following images and the attached save file. Note how the modules are assigned, but the passengers do not appear on the rocket screen. It stays that way also after the rocket is launched. Once the rocket comes back, dupes fall from the module and do not gain the related bonuses. I Lava Two.sav
  7. Tried dropping liquid gold into water (in small chunks so it doesn't become a tile), and there's definitely more than 100t on this tile. This is sandbox so it might be different. Does this mean quantum stockpiles might destroy material? EDIT: Seems like sedimentary rock stacks to more. Now using an auto dispenser rather than sandbox spawner.
  8. Would make sense if it required gas canisters filled with CO2. Would make for a good use of the canister filler.
  9. I was experimenting with using super coolant to cool down molten iron, in order to have high thermal conductivity and not rely on slow debris-tile interactions or low TC of gasses. However, a some point, heat stop transferring, way short of the temperature equilibrium. It might be related to clamping according to total heat difference, but the numbers don't even add up for that! For the iron, total heat is 100 * (273 + 1444.4) * 0.449 = 77111.26kDTU For the coolant, total heat is 10 * (273 + 132.6) * 8.440 = 34232.64kDTU
  10. The bug here is in map generation, which should not place POIs in ways that overlap like this.
  11. Click on the sink and watch the white info panel on the bottom right. It would list the contents of the sink itself. The "pipe empty" just means its input is empty, but it might still have a buffer stored inside of it (5kg IIRC).
  12. Might be connected to the bug where liquid pipe germ sensor sometimes show a negative number of germs?
  13. I've loaded it again, and the dupes still have "toilet out of order" exactly like in the picture above. So I'm very surprised you say you see nothing wrong. Are you running any mods? I'm running none, unmodified game, no developer option, nothing. Are you on Windows? Steam version? (About the base, I designed the center area and kinda winged the rest... considering it's my second colony there was a lot I didn't yet experiment with. When I eventually make a third, it would be cleaner for sure )
  14. Yes. I have 2 toilets for 17 dupes. They are on shifted schedules with 4-5 dupes per schedule. As I mentioned, I've only had maybe one or two accidents in over 500 cycles. It's not that. I also tried assigning the toilet specifically to one dupe, and they still won't use it. If there was no toilet, the message wouldn't have been "toilet out of order" but something about no toilet available. Also, doesn't explain why suddenly all my dupes couldn't use it. Removing and rebuilding the toilets fixed the problem.
  15. Playing the game regularly, I suddenly see dupes starting to make many messes, when before it was maybe once every 50 cycles. As you can see in this image, Catalina (and other dupes) have a full bladder but think it is broken. The toilets are assigned to public and are filled with 5000g water and 0g polluted water, connected correctly to plumbing. It started suddenly. Save file is attached. Burgeoning Spacerock.sav EDIT: Removing the toilet and placing it again fixed it, but I'm not sure what caused it in the first place, so the bug report still stands.
  16. Had that happen to me as well. I use a constant toggle system for a specific reason and it resets when loading which is annoying.
  17. It's rather confusing, as the errand type shown in the dispenser is "storing", like storage bins, rather than "supplying" like refineries.
  18. I have made a chained storage system where items without room in the current cell would move using a dispenser to the next cell. However, the auto-sweeper seems to not obey priority rules and pick up items from the storage container and placing them in the dispenser. The dispenser shown on the right is picking up items from the storage with priority 4 and placing them in the dispenser with priority 2. This issue does not happen when it is using an auto-loader system which is what I used before. Smaller example from sandbox