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Can't connect to dedicated server on separate computer

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I set up a dedicated server on my main PC. I am able to access and play that server on the same PC. When I try accessing the server on my second PC (connected to the same network) I'm getting a "The sever is not responding. Please try again." error message. Other people are able to see and join the server just fine.

In case it's helpful the ping shows as '???' on the computer I run the server from as well as my second PC. However it seems anyone off my network is seeing an actual ping.

Any help is appreciated.

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9 minutes ago, CarlZalph said:

Your other computer is on your LAN if it's using the same router as you are.

It should show up in that list for you to join instead of trying to join through the online game list.

Interesting, I didn't realize it forced you to join via LAN if it was on the same network. Thank you!

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