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WX-78 as Printable Duplicants

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Instead of printing a normal dupe, you'll get WX-78 robots:

1. They have metallic bodies that you can upgrade to adapt to certain environments instead of making atmo suits.

2. Have a charge station wherein for a moderate amount of power you'll buff the bot with increased move speed and emits light (for faster machine operation).

3. No morale bonus nor penalties for food freshness and quality.

4. Water can damage them until you install the appropriate upgrade.

If changing the duplicants is not possible, I hope to see crossovers from any Klei games (both self made and published) on ONI. Just imagine the possibilities.

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Interesting. But the printing pod is designed for printing organic creatures (well technically it prints all sort of stuff but mostly dupes).

What if instead printing a robo dupe we could construct one out of steel. Maybe upload (copy) a dupe`s mind into the robot so it has the dupe stats from the start but can`t get skillpoints or stat bonuses. Soggy/sopping wet would cause damage. They would be immune to germs so won`t need to wash their hands (could still use the hand sanitizer) and would have a special shower using crude oil.

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