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  1. Klei, thank you thank you thank you for making the DLC of my dreams!! Btw, can you mutate critters by exposing them to radiation?
  2. To the devs: please disregard this bug thread as the mouse pointer is properly moving now both when launched and in-game. I don't know if this is related but I launched it today after updating Steam. @SharraShimada For anyone who might encounter the issue in the future, I'll try to answer your questions: 1. It's on windowed mode on 1360x768 with "-popupWindow" launch parameter. Removed the parameter to see if it helps but can't change to full screen and the resolution because of the mouse issue. 2. Single monitor 3. Just a typical plug-and-play USB mouse. 4. No, but if it's a device issue then the mouse shouldn't work normally when I alt-tabbed from ONI. 5. No.
  3. Just launched the game today and encountered an issue shown in the link below: No matter where I move the pointer, it always moves up. The issue does not occur when ONI is closed, although it lingers a bit when Steam is slowly closing the game. Unplugging/replugging the mouse and removing all mods and save files didn't help. The mouse works fine when playing other games. Launching the game by running OxygenNotIncluded.exe results in an "Another instance is already running" error even though the game does not appear in Windows Task Manager.
  4. The save loads normally the first time but when you pause the game and reload it it'll crash. Maybe it's just my potato computer, but I attached the save. I reloaded the save because I've encountered the liquid shutoff bug mentioned by Nitroturtle. Tortuga Clean Start.sav The save reloads and results in a black screen with NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.