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  1. Are the joy reactions applied to dupes sent to space inside sight-seeing modules?
  2. Thanks for the brilliant post Sasza22. I also share your views and now I've realized that I've glossed over some pillars (i.e. survival and joy of progress in tech and industry). Colony/base builders with survival elements and a focus on combat are a dime a dozen nowadays. There seemed to be a time when there's a trend of adding difficulty by randomization in survival oriented games. ONI is like an oasis to me. No combat, no waves of enemies that attack you "just because", and no hidden timer/value bar of random events. It reminded me of old school city builders like Zeus: Master of Olympus and the first Tropico. Although there are also enemies present in these games, they don't just randomly pop up. You can trade with them, placate them, or at least be informed ahead of time (by gauging their "hate" towards you) if an invasion is imminent. Thanks to you I finally realized: I just hate random enemies in my games. I can deal with enemies but as long as it's not one sided (i.e. just you defending vs them attacking) and they can be dealt diplomatically. Just imagine ONI's space map: you discovered an asteroid filled with your fellow dupes. Trade and barter with them (Klei can make it economically efficient to trade than to manually send rockets to nodes with resources that slowly deplete and needs time to recuperate). Send them goods to add more "goodwill" points that you can ask them for favors later. They might also have tech that is unique to theirs and therefore import their machines. I can't think of a scenario wherein they'll need to invade or you need to invade them. I know I might sound hypocritical, I just want to buck the current trend of games with survival elements that adds random enemies.
  3. Browsing r/Oxygennotincluded I've found some threads suggesting for ONI to be like other games (add waves of enemies, tower defense, add hate/love dynamic between dupes) and somehow I got irked by them. It seems that some players are not satisfied with how ONI is. Why can't ONI be its own game? But that leads me to this question: what makes ONI, ONI? I've found no post mortem from the devs explaining how they designed the game (compared to Don't Starve) nor there's a "the making of" video for ONI. I also dropped in during the launch sale and haven't experienced ONI's EA days. So far here's what I can speculate on what's their design pillars: 1. The joy of exploration See that area with pink and green gasses? A biome of lush pincha peppers and free roaming drecos. Don't you want to dig the cra- I mean explore and exploit your asteroid's resources? What crazy creatures and biomes will you uncover next? 2. The joy of experimentation ONI tries to emulate irl physics but with major caveats (either due to technological, developmental or game design limits). But with the tools given, you can tinker your builds to your heart's content, inspiring that little scientist in all of us. 3. There are no enemies, just you vs yourself Creatures are not inherently out to get you. There are no waves of enemies and random events that adds artificial difficulty. It'll be you, your creativity and perseverance vs your ignorance and impatience. Each problem that arises, there's a logical explanation for it that's present in the game world. 4. ONI is not a CDC sim I've heard that slimelung is deadly during EA. Although I may attract the ire of this community, I somehow understood their decision of nerfing it. Although it makes medical tech unnecessary to borderline useless, at least it'll give players more freedom to experience design pillar 1 and 2. If the the devs, or players who've played the game during its development add further or give accurate information about their design pillars for ONI it'll be greatly appreciated. As for me, so long as ONI keep to these pillars, I'm confident that the next expansions will add more things that I like to the game that I love. 9 hours, 119 views, no discussion, tough crowd. Back to reddit I guess..
  4. Platform: Steam Do you use mods? Yes. But I've unsubscribed and disabled the mod with same results. Version Number Rev .360464 789 14:48:49 Issue title Error Processing Render Buffer Command Create VB Steps to reproduce You'll eventually encounter this error if you played the game long enough. I'm currently playing on the vanilla version (no DLC's installed) and the first two seasons were fine. Once I went down spelunking did the issue starts to occur. Since then, even on the surface the game will crash. Describe your issue Ever since I've went down the caves, the game keeps crashing with Error Processing Render Buffer Command Create VB error. I've updated my graphics card drivers, disabled full screen, verified file integrity and enabled small textures to no avail. I've attached both dxdiag and log.txt files. I hope to hear from you soon. This bug is the only thing that keeps me from playing this great game. DxDiag.txt log.txt
  5. Instead of printing a normal dupe, you'll get WX-78 robots: 1. They have metallic bodies that you can upgrade to adapt to certain environments instead of making atmo suits. 2. Have a charge station wherein for a moderate amount of power you'll buff the bot with increased move speed and emits light (for faster machine operation). 3. No morale bonus nor penalties for food freshness and quality. 4. Water can damage them until you install the appropriate upgrade. If changing the duplicants is not possible, I hope to see crossovers from any Klei games (both self made and published) on ONI. Just imagine the possibilities.
  6. The save loads normally the first time but when you pause the game and reload it it'll crash. Maybe it's just my potato computer, but I attached the save. I reloaded the save because I've encountered the liquid shutoff bug mentioned by Nitroturtle. Tortuga Clean Start.sav The save reloads and results in a black screen with NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.