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Hey Grifters,

It's a new update cycle! Wooooo! Here are a round of fixes and tweaks that didn't quite make it into "Rise and Shine", but are now live in experimental. We're going to push the crash fix into a release hotfix tomorrow morning - it's rare enough that it's worth waiting to see what else crops up overnight.


  • Fixed a crash bug where the player party would be disbanded if a party member was needed for a role in a location.
  • Added new throw animations to Sal.
  • easy_target_merchant.lua now takes into account money the merchant gains during negotiation when you demand all their money.
  • Fixed bug where crayote wouldn't use the power gain from bristle if it had gained power from a different source.
  • Disable fighter tooltips when they are not idle.
  • Defensive doesn't apply to arguments created by the owner (NPC).
  • Feudalites of the same wealth level will back each other up in combat.
  • Hide the modifiers that apply health to allies (this effect is sufficiently shown as the graft itself).
  • fixed generic jarackle head to not wear hats.
  • Straw Man now applies Vulnerability when bountied (so that it's not just the same as Planted Evidence).
  • Fix DoRescue opinion event sometimes being applied to the wrong target for "Leave No-one Behind".
  • Add fades to wake-ups, to avoid the white missing texture loading flash.
  • Multithreading fixes for loading from zip files. Before this change, zip files were mutexed, so multiple threads reading from the same zip had to wait on eachother. With this change, each thread will open up its own version of the zip file, which makes concurrent access possible and fast.
  • added a new event: event_dodgy_scavenger.

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