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Turbine and pwater/salt water

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You can steal the clean 95C water from the turbine output and instead pipe in pwater (2020.2g/sec) or salt water (2150g/sec), as long as the temps don't cause trouble. 

Sweepers can get at the dirt/salt diagonally, if wanted. Shut off the inflow when the turbine is idle. (Power a shutoff directly with the turbine, for example.)

I use it to scrub water for oil wells, it works really well.






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3 hours ago, BLACKBERREST3 said:

Nice. It's also a handy way to clear out steam rooms. Just let 1 port see 125C steam and let the turbine pump for you.

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I believe it's called a sauna, and dupes pay good money to sit around in one. Trust me on that.

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