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Re-Planter (A Theoretical Boss Loot)

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Re-Planter: (my best idea for what it looks like is a magical shovel, would love to hear any other suggestions)

Allows you to dig up and re-place usually un-diggable plants. The more valuable the plant, the more durability digging it costs.

Tier 1 (10%): Reeds, Cacti, Light flowers, Mysterious Plant (glow berries)

Tier 2 (5%): Mushtrees, Totally Normal Trees, Mushrooms & Cave Lichen

Tier 3 (1%): Ferns, Flowers & Succulent (*I know you can replant flowers over and over to get the one you want in the spot you want it, but that is TEDIOUS as all get out, and even more so for ferns & succulents which are so much rarer and you need to collect several to craft the darn potted version)

Being able to do something so useful, I was thinking it should be loot from a pretty powerful boss. Toadstool could honestly use some better loot (and he is part plant himself) so he seems like a pretty good candidate.


I haven't completely thought through the repercussions of being able to extract all the useful parts of a biome and condense them, giving you even less reason to ever leave home - I've mostly wanted the ability to place things for decoration's sake. I'm particularly trying to decide if being able to place underground plants above ground should be allowed as well (I hate going downstairs just to restock on light bulbs sometimes). So please if any one has some opinions to share, I would love to hear.


EDIT: And this vaguely related, but I also really want to be able to use Wormwood's crops for decoration but can't because they just rot. : ( If he could use his compost wraps on them to make them rot-proof while in the ground (or a slightly cheaper version, maybe called 'plant food' or something), that would be amaaazing. As I believe they only rot to give them a downside vs. farms, if making them unrottable costs poop (the main farm ingredient) that should level it out.

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