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I think i already made this suggestion before but i`d like to make it more streamlined with most ideas in one place. There were a few similar ideas recently and this would combine them all into one system.

What i basically mean is a group system that would carry over all the management screens (priorities, food permissions, door permissions, schedules, etc) almost like the group was a dupe itself. Whenever it`s reasonable to assign more than one dupe to something you could assign the group. For screens like the prirorities it would drop down so you could set different values for individual dupes similar to how you can set them for ALL or NEW.

Once a group is created you culd easily move dupes in and out of them. It would save a lot of time you`d use setting door permissions, priorities, schedules and all the stuff as well as prevent mistakes like forgetting to set something resulting in a dupe doing something you don`t want him to. Instead of navigatin through 5 different widnows you just assign them to a group with all things preset earlier.

This is meant to help managing large bases with 30+ dupes so you can easily move half of them to a different group or like assign some to groups with more restrictions until they gain certain stats then just move to the more advanced group with one click.

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