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The patient is ready for surgery

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6 hours ago, badgamer123 said:

good eye....suggest  corner build

Too late... but it was only a gram or two after it dissipated, did not really conduct heat. I could vacuum in a couple of cycles with 12 minipumps after.

On a somewhat related note, don't use mafic insulation to gather obsidian debris. It will melt.

4 hours ago, FutureJohny said:

I also have map with “Volcanoes” (and “Geoactive” on top). Would love to see your progress.

Nice, same here, with irregular oil to boot. Got 8 wells I think - but one is pretty inconveniently in space.

I'm hereabouts. Rime + frozen core, 1 thimble reed seed found, watered with cool slush, nurtured with a space heater... 3 dupes for 100 cycles due to food issues. Then only 1 natgas geyser. I'm doing well now, but it was a rough start. Tons of fun though.




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