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  1. [Game Update] - 323841

    So instead of incentivizing us with stable bonuses, we are forced with hard requirements. So much for open air wild drecko shearing. I hope, there will be mod to revert that.
  2. [MODS][0.5] ONI-Modloader

    Yeah, it would probably not work this way. But isn't the sunburn handled by making them accumulate "luxes" (not sure about the name) debuff over time, and triggering when it hets high? Suits already reduce bladder, this could be handled same way.
  3. [MODS][0.5] ONI-Modloader

    I know nothing about ONI code, but as .NET developer for living, if you can't figure it out cheese it. Dupes can produce positive or negative decor already, just make suited ones produce either oclusion like tiles do, or if that is not possible, negative light value with range 0 or 1. It will block light when maintaining solar panels, but it should not be that significant.
  4. I would like to see some advanced refining. As the oil processing is now, my greatest issue is refinery deleting mass and naphta and now sour gas being useless. What I would suggest is, making refinery to have aditional output for naphta. And output half of it's input there. Cut the nat gas output or at least add gas pipe output for it. For naphta I would add new building, some cooker with liqiud input and gas output, producing hot sour gas. Finally for the sour gas I would add filtering building, taking in sour gas and filtration medium or water and piped sour gas and outputing natgas and some solid waste or p. water. This will stop the mass deletion of current buildings and keep oil boilers still viable option but keep everything in check, since more processing and more power would be needed to reach usefull product.
  5. [Game Update] - 279276

    Honestly, I already made backup of the CU version and made sure runs without Steam. I won't switch, untill I have enough infrastructure ready.
  6. But what is the drecko/wild plant ratio?
  7. Anyone else noticing mayor frame drop in the preview? For my map spanning base / biome terraforming project, it went from barely noticeable stutter on occasion to below 20 frames. I suppose those are just kinks of early builds, so rolled back to stable build for now. Hope it get's fixed though.