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  1. Exactly, I use them in general living area, where I can’t bothered to set up anything more poverfull, sometimes even wild ones.
  2. I also have map with “Volcanoes” (and “Geoactive” on top). Would love to see your progress.
  3. Do you have some mods that increase storage size? Try uninstalling, reinstalling them.
  4. Or you can remove the engine and tanks entirely, build new floor a bit higher and leave only the boosters. Although, you will need to fill at least one them.
  5. This is not true, there are many games, where devs implemented mods into the base game. For example, in Kerbal Space Program, the Mk2 aircraft fuselage was mod, that was later with it´s autors permision incorporated into the game. It works even the other way around. Again in KSP, there is one dev making mods in his free time, that got several times included into the game, since people liked them. Even in ONI, there was mod boosting Condictive heavy wire to 50K. This is exactly what the latest update brought into the game.
  6. If you want to stop dupes cleaning one already full, while using the others, not yet full, you can simply put them all to priority 1, disable other toilets and restrict access for all dedicated janitors. If you want to transport spawned morbs with traps, you can leave one tile high gap in the wall, dupes can’t walk through that, but morbs can. Then simply put traps outside the spawner, you de not need to move them however. As for pumping, simply don’t, instead make the roof of the holding pen from mesh tiles and put layer of water over it, with layer of deodorizers. Then you can pump the high pressure oxygen for much less power, directly to the exosuit docks and not worry about the slimelung at all.
  7. Overflow not working

    This is odd, I would try restaring the game, rebuilding and adding a bridge, in this order.
  8. What I am interested is, not only, how much heat is created under various types of rockets, if there is difference at all, but also the shape of the heated area. I am in the middle of setting up exhaust/heat recovery system, and whle the exhaust part seems quite straightforward to me, I would like to know, how much heat per launch per engine type and from what area it needs to recover. Is the heating dependent on material, Is it more like aquatuner with fixed Delta T or Metal Refinery with fixed DtUs? Also, last time I was messing with rockets in debug (SI), it was possible to send engineless rocket only with a booster(s). You just had to remove the engine and build floor under the booster.
  9. AFIK, overcrowded affects wild critters too. Since currently no ground based critters can walk on ladders, I “ranch” wild ones, by placing them on small unattached platform in some large open area.
  10. What happens after the rocket reaches the tear? Does it return?
  11. Oxyferns

    Also wellfare pod can get you more seeds. If you are not against save scumming, you can get nearly infinite number of them.
  12. How did you take the screenshot without the in/out squares? This makes builds with excessive bridges much easier to read.
  13. [Game Update] - 323841

    So instead of incentivizing us with stable bonuses, we are forced with hard requirements. So much for open air wild drecko shearing. I hope, there will be mod to revert that.
  14. I would like to see some advanced refining. As the oil processing is now, my greatest issue is refinery deleting mass and naphta and now sour gas being useless. What I would suggest is, making refinery to have aditional output for naphta. And output half of it's input there. Cut the nat gas output or at least add gas pipe output for it. For naphta I would add new building, some cooker with liqiud input and gas output, producing hot sour gas. Finally for the sour gas I would add filtering building, taking in sour gas and filtration medium or water and piped sour gas and outputing natgas and some solid waste or p. water. This will stop the mass deletion of current buildings and keep oil boilers still viable option but keep everything in check, since more processing and more power would be needed to reach usefull product.
  15. [Game Update] - 279276

    Honestly, I already made backup of the CU version and made sure runs without Steam. I won't switch, untill I have enough infrastructure ready.
  16. But what is the drecko/wild plant ratio?
  17. Anyone else noticing mayor frame drop in the preview? For my map spanning base / biome terraforming project, it went from barely noticeable stutter on occasion to below 20 frames. I suppose those are just kinks of early builds, so rolled back to stable build for now. Hope it get's fixed though.