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Automatically empty Ice Maker?

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Besides the use of an auto-sweeper that can be problematic because 20kg packets of ice on a conveyor melt quite easily, you can dedicate a storage compactor (or automatic dispenser with unreachable drop location) for Ice (under liquefiable) with a priority higher than standard tasks if needed.

It uses dupe time though. 

Planning the construction of an ice tempshift plate or an ice block won't directly pull out from the ice machine because it doesn't store enough of it but can help desaturate the storage compactor.

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1 hour ago, kingy10005 said:

Ice makers are pretty OP if you use a conveyor belt and have it carry it along the floor and up going though metal tiles can be super effective at cooling pretty much any thing 

That was true of old Ice makers, which could delete more heat than an AETN. The current ice maker only deletes 4kDTUs. The rest of the heat must be disposed of elsewhere, otherwise it'll go back into your base. Try disposing of ice maker heat into warm areas. Spending effort to throw heat into a cold zone is a waste of effort. Cold areas will cool things for free, just pipe in some hot stuff.

A single wheezewort will provide more effective cooling than a handful of ice makers, and with less dupe labor.

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