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  1. Oh it will actually grab the ice out of the ice maker?? Thanks I'll try that.
  2. Sorry, couldn't find this anywhere. Is there any way currently to automatically empty the ice maker? For shipping purposes? Thanks
  3. Thank you! Another thing that confused me, is I noticed that if I fill a liquid storage tank with liquid oxygen, the fluid rapidly warmed up, but the temperature of the storage container never went down. I had it in a vacuum and figured it would cool off.
  4. I actually did not get gas. It seems to stay liquid even at very warm temperatures. While testing my LOX delivery system I failed miserably to keep it cool. (Apparently normal pipes made out of insulation don't cut it). But I filled an entire rocket LOX tank with warm liquid oxygen. I was really scratching my head there. It did however take about 15-20 minutes to fill the tank. So it is slow.
  5. Thanks for the info, appreciate it!
  6. If this is a bug, does the same bug exist for transporting liquid hydrogen? Just curious.
  7. So I discovered something on accident that I'm confused about. If you transport LOX using a minipump and its 1000g packets, it doesn't seem to burst the pipes if the LOX goes over the evaporation point. However if I use a full size liquid pump and its 10kg packets it definitely blows up the pipes when it goes above evap. Is this a bug or something? It takes a long time to fuel a rocket this way, but as I'm struggling to make enough insulated pipes made out of insulation, this is how I'm working around it.
  8. Thanks, I missed out on the line item on the update post somehow. Yes, please make this an optional toggle!
  9. After today's update the resource list is collapsed into small box in the upper right hand corner. Was this change intentional, or a bug? I am very much not liking it. I have to scroll through a list to find resource amounts now instead of just looking at a glance. I am running on a 2560x1600 monitor in full screen mode, in case this is relevant.
  10. Is anyone else trying to use these? Anyone else feel like these require way too much input resources now?
  11. [Game Update] - 352881

    Yeah, I made a reply in yesterday's build update with more details. I don't like this change at all.
  12. [Game Update] - 352488

    Rust Deoxydizer now has higher input rates, but outputs Iron Ore in addition to its previous outputs I thought it was cool having another oxygen option with the rust deoxydizer, so I decided to try something different for my new game and use these new machines. But holy crap after this build those machines are gobbling resources at a ridiculous rate. I'm using two of them for my base and am currently at somewhere around cycle 170. I get plenty of rust just digging around exploring the map, and have a decent supply of salt as well. (Last I looked I have 47 tons of rust and 4 tons of salt. I also absorb the chlorine the rust deoxydizers produce with salt vine plants to produce more salt. But jeez. After running just 7 cycles on this new build I've blown through half my salt stash, its crazy. The machines are running out of rust and salt before my dupes can even refill them. Old values were 450 g/s Rust + 150 g/s Salt New value is 750 g/s Rust + 250g/s Salt This does not seem like a viable option now and my base is toast unless I quickly build a water based oxygen plant.
  13. [Game Update] - 352881

    Hey did something change with the Rust Deoxydiser in this build? I'm burning up salt at a crazy rate suddenly. Update: Ah, I see now this was an update in the build yesterday. Man these machines gobble resources now at a ridiculous rate, I don't see how this is a sustainable option anymore. Rust Deoxydizer now has higher input rates, but outputs Iron Ore in addition to its previous outputs
  14. Client Crash

    This last build that just came out seems to have fixed it! Thank you so much! I can play on the holiday again, woot! Cheers!