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A little inspiration

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I just made a backup of all of my automations since the blueprints mod failed me today. It wasn't that many, but the mod wouldn't let me place any of my creations because of "missing prefabs" (most likely an update). I only created a few things here and there, but now I am being extra cautious so I saved all of my creations in png format. I probably won't post anything that I consider to be too common or ordinary after this. Feel free to leave posts of your guys' builds too, we could all use a little inspiration some times. I will give credit where credit is due. Most of my builds are taking a concept and playing around with it until I get something I like.

  •  Aquatuner Bypass

You can read more about it here and all the bugs and features that come with aquatuners. Truth is when I was testing it, I just thought it was a fun problem to try and solve, I did not know what a bypass was or what it would have been used for at that time. I am glad I learned about it.

Double Bridge Bypass



Quadruple Bridge Bypass by ZanthraSW


AT Double Bridge Bypass.blueprint

AT Quadruple Bridge Bypass.blueprint

  • Background Switch

In case you do not have enough space for an atmo sensor, you can build this completely on the automation layer. If you play around with the timing you can turn this into a timed on-off pulse or just a toggle.


Background Switch.blueprint


  • Battery Switcher

Read here for it's application. I read about the concept a while ago on the forums. I forget who found this, but thanks to him, I was able to create this. I've been using this for an easy power grid.

Battery Switcher.blueprint


  • Critter Crowder

This build came about while testing critter pathing. I wanted a way to sift eggs form critters passively early game. This works on pips, dreckos, shinebugs, and pufts. Shove voles can be trapped in the top pneumatic door. This design does not work on slicksters or pokeshells. This is not an end all solution as there are many ways to trap a critter especially with automation+pneumatic doors.



For hatches, use part of this. Hatches can still jump down to feed, but won't unless there is food to sway them. The minimum water level should be 350kg, this may change if you use other liquids.

Also a pip drecko crowder. This is not an efficient method, but I don't plan to farm that many of these critters sometimes so this is perfect for that.


Critter Crowder.blueprint

Hatch Batch.blueprint

Pip Drecko Batch.blueprint


  • Door Compressor

I bet other people have come up with similar designs. buffers set to 10, and 1 filter (filter-buffer-not) is set to 15 while the rest are set to 5. This is for unpowered doors, but you can always mess with the numbers for a different config.


Door Compressor Up.blueprint

Door Compressor Down.blueprint

Door Compressor Left.blueprint

Door Compressor Right.blueprint


  • Fish Farm
  • Critter Crusher

I straight up stole this from brothgar. I improved his design by using fewer doors and getting rid of unnecessary automation. There is a mesh tile under the dupe sensor, but not under the critter sensor. I'm also going to steal another improvement from him, adding airflow tiles near the lip so it does not spill water out for whatever reason. We both experienced this phenomenon in game. Also make the container out of granite or obsidian, I've noticed it breaks slightly with each use without some sort of reinforcement. Now it works how we want it to :encouragement:


Critter Crusher.blueprint


  • Gas Lock

Fill it with the smallest amount of gas and you can separate 500kg of O2 from 1kg of Natural Gas or something along the lines of that. Say goodbye to soggy feet. As long as the pressure on both sides are greater than the gas in the lock, then the gasses shouldn't split out to one side or the other.


Gas Lock.blueprint


  • In-Line Packet Stacker

I have this in my arsenal, The design is from someone else. Without the shutoff, it functions as a blockage detector.


In-Line Packet Stacker.blueprint


  • Mechanical Packet Filter
  • Incubator Batch/Chain

When you are going for carnivore, sometimes you need a powered incubator. The automation is pretty easy to figure out. As with any incubator automation, we need to turn it on so the dupe can path to it first, then trigger the rest to turn on in a batch process. The timings differ based on how many ranchers you have, how long it takes to get to them there/hug them, and how long you want to keep the incubators turned off for (hence all the buffers).



This design is slightly different in that it uses a chain of incubators. you can still have as many turned on at once as you like, just mess with the clock sensor for that.


Incubator Batch.blueprint

Incubator Chain.blueprint


  • More Logic


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Interesting idea for incubators... I never thought of triggering them when dupes come to hug the eggs, just giving them a set time to activate. I guess your approach is ultimately more energy efficient.


This is definitely an overkill, but I'm sharing my design for controlling Jukebots and Arcade machines. Their morale boost effects last for 4 cycles, so I'm restricting them to be turned on every 4 cycles. These are two separate but identical circuits controlling one machine each. The clock sensors are set to different times of the day for different schedules. 


I'll use this non-compact version to show how it works. The upper part is a 2-bit adder, or you can call it a counter, because it adds 1 to the sum every time the input goes green. The two output bits get linked to the AND gate in the middle. This results in the AND gate letting a green signal through only when the 2 bits are 11 (binary). Basically letting signal through every 4 green signals from the switch. The bottom part is a pulse generator, which is not completely necessary. Since the adder circuit's output won't change even if the input switches back to red, without this pulse generator, the output will always be green until the adder receives a green input again. This pulse generator then allows the green signal only persist for a certain amount of time, then turns back to red. I put it here just because I want the majority of my dupes to use jukebot, but the night shift dupes to use the arcade machine. Without this bottom part I can't control which they use.


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I would have to have to agree with you that this is overkill, but man that’s an insane build. hats off to you. There is definitely an advantage to knowing more about real world logic in circuits, but the common player (me) would probably not know how to use and, or, nors or other logic right off the bat. I did have an idea to make a compact clock/adder out of valves, shutoffs, and sensors (no need for liquid vents) at one point while reading about water clocks. To me this seems doable, but I haven’t needed to build something like that yet so i do not know what the limitations would be. Your adder can be built completely on the automation layer though which is where it shines.


5 hours ago, nakomaru said:

Can you elaborate on how voles can be trapped in the door?

One of my automations that didn’t make it was my shove vole hole. it used some combination of the on-off pulse and was mostly made of pneumatic doors, but you could use obsidian tiles as well for where you do not need a door. When a shove vole becomes trapped in a pneumatic door, I have noticed it does not try to escape. This has survived save/reload for me as well.

5 hours ago, nakomaru said:

You might want to sync switches with an or/and gate on the battery switch.

Way ahead of you. I already mentioned this in my other topic on bat switching. I use the or gate in this one. I wonder what an and condition would do for a different bat-switch build.



Another idea that someone more daring could mess with is the idea of a quantum state in ONI using this bug.


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There’s really not a lot of reason to disable jukebots and arcade machines. Dupes don’t use them unless they’ve lost the buff, and they aren’t on for very long when they do get used. About the only benefit to doing this is that you force Dupes to synchronize their dancing. With 6-7 Dupes per shift, it’s not uncommon to see only 1-2 Dupes dancing.

I don’t mean to diminish what you’ve built there, though.

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