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Smallest recreational building that does not use water

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I am trying to replace the convenient water cooler as my recreational building.  Why? At my current map's stage I want to conserve water until I tap my geiser AND even if I didn't... since the game does not distinguish between germy clean water and non-germy clean water for bottle deliveries, I do not want to risk giving germy water to my dupes nor spend time making the purifying chlorine room right now.

I think my alternative options are Jukebot, Arcade Cabinet and Espresso Machine... of which only the first two are water free.

But I cannot find which uses the least space, can someone tell me their sizes?

I don't care about power consumption, as I only want the smallest non-water consuming one, to keep the Great Hall qualified as a room.  I fully plan to disable it for now.


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1 hour ago, Saturnus said:

Jukebot 3x5, arcade and espresso 3x3, water cooler 2x2.

You can just disable the water cooler as soon as it's built, and before any deliveries are made.

Oh man, I'm an idiot.  I never thought of disabling the water cooler.  It still counts  but does not suck water!

I must do it as soon as I get back home.

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