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MVT-9000, the Last word in volcano tamer designs

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I decided to revisit my original volcano tamer, since I felt there was a lot of improvements to be made in all departments (...especially the video length one..smh)

This Magma Volcano Tamer (MVT) is the fruit of several long weekend nights and countless hours of testing.


In short - what does this VT does for YOU:

1) Extract heat from magma in a very efficient and conventional manner, 3 turbines provide large amount of power PLUS the option to plug a power supply station to reach unreal amount of power production (once Klei fixes the turbine tune-up bug, that is....).

2) Provides INFINITE supply of cold, workable igneous rock ("Stone hatch happy squeaking noises intensify").!


3)* Turns out it can also serve a metal volcano (although 3 steam turbine is a total overkill since metal volcanoes output is nowhere near magma volcanoes, so 1 turbine might suffice, then the entire design can be scaled down).




You know what? after a player pointed it out and by looking it at again, I never noticed this before....


This design can work perfectly fine for metal volcanoes as well!


Instead of igneous rocks being loaded into the rail and cooled down, its metal!, so completely by accident I created a bloody multi- purpose volcano tamer!

So, MVT can now stand for Magma/Metal Volcano tamer!


"Happy little accidents".....

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11 hours ago, Andz said:

"there is no need for exosuits"

I would always recommend using exosuites. Duplicants sometimes breathe out leaving CO2 behing totally ruining the vacuum.

They only breath out CO2 if they breath in O2 inside the area they are at.

A duplicant in vacuum will not exhale CO2, so once vacuum has been set up duplicants can't ruin it.

During the creation of vacuum one can build temporary doors and lock them to prevent dupes from wandering in for some reason and let the pump get all the gasses out.

Once vacuum is achieved, and waterlock is set, duplicants are free to wander inside.

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