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Help Custom Recipe with multiple inputs for ingredients

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I need help creating a recipe in the recipe tab that takes all any of a certain type of item like meat or veggies or meats. for example

AddRecipe("CustomItem", {Ingredient("twigs", 1), Ingredient("ANY MEAT", 1), Ingredient ("ANY VEGGIES", 1)}, custom_tab, TECH.NONE, nil, nil, nil, nil, "custom_crafting", "images/inventoryimages/customitem.xml", "customitme.tex")

the above would theoretically take in one skewer, any meat, and any veggies from the first slots kind of like a crockpot to create a custom item but, don't starve doesn't really have a ingredient like that.

the only resource i could find of someone doing this was the endoxiAPI but i kind of wanted to integrate the feature into my mod instead of relying on a different mod for it to work.

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You can't. The reason why that's possible in the Crockpot, is because it's an entirely different crafting system than the item crafting system. The item crafting system needs specific ingredients, period. If you want to make a cooking recipe using the Crockpot system, I think you can actually make it produce an inedible item (though I'm not sure of this), but then it will only be craftable in the Crockpot, and you can only use ingredients which are edible and are registered ingredients in the Crockpot cooking system (which twigs, meats and veggies already are).

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54 minutes ago, Maris said:

Then use this dish in crafting recipe.

How? What do you mean by this? Ah, so you're suggesting to make a crockpot recipe, which produces a certain food item, and then make an item crafting recipe which takes that food item as an ingredient? That's a good workaround, actually.

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