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  1. the rider animations seem to use the player_mount anim and wilsonbeefalo or beefalo bank but I don't know where they are setting these animations to override them with my own.
  2. I'm doing some coding to make a custom mount for a friend with it's own animations. when I set the bank and build the animations show up just fine (don't worry about the bad drawing above it's just a placeholder) but when I try to ride the mount it turns invisible is there another place where the bank and build is set while the character is being mounted?
  3. Hello I just wanted to add to this thread for people who were having trouble like I was having followers continue following after disconnecting without an eyebone item. this code is pulled from abigail and wendy just replace any mention of creature with the name of your creature file name and player with the name of your player file name inside the player.lua add the following functions inside the player.lua master postnit add the following somewhere near the bottom inside the creature.lua add the following functions inside the main function of creature.lua add the following that's all I remember for now. hope this helps somebody