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gridbase / module-based-base

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some time ago (might be a long time ago, i cant remember), i saw someone talking about a module-based base, and since then, i've tried to make module-based bases.

my current base uses 11x11 (9x9 excluding walls) rooms, so you can make it in a grid if you want.

hallways are 3 tiles high / wide.


my latrine


my mess hall. i've prepared an area for my sporechids. still need some glass though.


my storage module. i have 2 of these so far.


i think i'll fill my hallways with statues, pedestals, plants or paintings.

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Based on the reach of a sweeper arm?  That's not a bad idea.  I like the idea of a modular base.  But I see what you had to do with the latrine and it's not aesthetically ideal, right?

Let's see:

Everything has a max room size of 64 except: 

Great Hall and Nature Reserve (120)

Hospital, Power Plant, Greenhouse, Stable (96)

So 16 x 4 works for most things and 24 x 4 for stables and the industry block.  So that means 18 and 26 wide "modules" including the walls.

My last terra build used 26/18/26 like this:



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