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custom / random germs

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okay, so this is a crazy idea.

what about germs being random?

when creating a world, 3 - 5 germ types would be made, and they would be randomly made, including their name.

so the first part of their name could be like:

  • food
  • slime
  • metallic
  • creativity
  • morale

and the other part of their name could be:

  • poisining
  • fatigue
  • shock
  • bleed
  • madness

and their effect would be a combination of the parts of the name.

so, for example, creativity would inflict creativity - what?

depends on the other part of the name.

morale-poisining would cause less morale for some time, while morale-bleed would cause morale to drop slowly, until cured. slimebleed would cause the dupe to suffer penaltys and drop slime when damaged, and creativityshock could do something else.

basicly, randomly generated diseases.

as im not very creative, the examples i made here might be boring, whatever word should be used when speaking English, but you might get the idea.

and i might have made a spelling-mistake

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food madness, morale bleed, creativity shock. Those sound pretty interesting.

I`m all for new diseases but how would those spread? It`s hard to come up with a special infection type fr each of them. Germs don`t mix well. Each area should only hold one type.

But i like the different suffixes. Having one disease type have different effects sound interesting. Lets say basic food poisoning doesn`t do much (like currently) but we could have a bleed effect that reduces dupe hp, an effect causing them to lose breath or one increasing their calorie consuption. The later in the game the diseases could be more dangerous up to being fatal if not treated. This could also be added to non-issue diseases like sunburn or heat stroke.

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I`m digging this up beacause i had some time and gave this idea some thoughts.

Each disease should have a set of suffixes or prefixes that can randomly happen, gated by the amount of cycles passed and the difficulty level and weighted by the amount of germs a dupe was exposed to. The later in the game and more germs consumed the worse the outcome of the disease.

Food poisoning would come with suffixes(prefixes) like:
Light - no change from current one
Dizzy - reductions for certain stats
Bloody - dupe takes damage, lets say everytime he does the sick animation
Vomitting - dupe vomits all over the place

Slimelung would have a different set, like:
Minor - current effects
Sneezy - additional sneezes on top of normal coughing, producing more germs during them
Med resistant - has to be treated the second cycle as well (starts over as minor when woke up)
Deadly - can cause dupe death if not treated

And finally Zombie Spores:
The Spores - current behaviour
Insomnia Spores - dupes cannot sleep unless exhausted
Zombie Spores - dupes actively try to infect other dupes for short periods of time (can happen through exo suits as well, attacked dupe gets exposed to germs)
Madness Spores - dupes get the destructive stress reaction at random and break up stuff.

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Well there can be few types of germs and traits can be random like world or dup traits ( this system is already implemented so it will be just a case of tailoring it to germs as well - just attach it to name and make few random ways of spread. Like: gas, dups, soli, liquid) . 

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